YOSHIBA Onkyo MODEL KLV-66 Monaural Tube Power amp

The best monaural amplifier

Yoshiba Onkyo developed it, "This Mono Amp greatly evolved next Yoshiba 's amp", "Something is different, the sound of Yoshiba changed greatly with this." It is about confidence work to say that.
Even those who are not experienced in tube amp, even those who are planning to start audio from now on, Yoshiba want them to enjoy it easily. It is monaural rather than stereo, or even monaural, it can be enjoyed so far!
MODEL KLV - 66 was designed as a low-cost monaural amplifier. Even though the performance of this mono amp is above the imagination! 
The equipped volume control allows you to use it as main amplifier, thus it can connect CD player directly.

Monaural sound

Even One speaker is good enough.
The impression that I listened that divided connecting two speakers and this mono amplifier was much better sound than what I imagined, because there is a core in the bass range, the bass impact was awesome. The output power is 10W, thus even with a 87dB speaker, it can get enough sound volume is also good point. Female vocals also impressive. 
Next, I tested only one speaker connected and listened. I felt that the sound became clearer, stronger and extrusion of the whole sound has increased in a state, though one speaker was connected. Mr. Yoshiba's aim seems to be right there that MODEL KLV - 66 with single speaker connected is well enough enjoying. Frequency characteristics are quite flat and narrow in numbers, but the middle range is rich, the treble is extended, and the low frequencies felt more deep and thick. It is good not to get tired when listening to music for a long time than listening on ordinary stereo.
Moreover I used not high-end, but just a general CD player, though the sound impression was brilliant.
Yoshiba Onkyo amplifiers are all so, it is finished with an amplifier that by adjusting the time axis, by correcting the deviation that occurs during playback, is more comfortable to listen to.
MODEL KLV-66 is a vacuum tube monaural amp whose Mr. Yoshiba's attention that Mr. Yoshiba's distinctive appearance is outstanding, although it was ordered and designed finely.
If you do so far, you will want to try the stereo mode with the two KLV - 66. . 

Like an integrated amplifier 

Furthermore, since KLV - 66 has volume adjustment, it is good news that people without preamp, can connect directly to CD player, etc and enjoy it. Moreover, it can control the high and the low range with equalizer function. Mr. Yoshiba said "The bass feels more comfortable" It is already like an Integrated Amplifier.
Connected 2 speakers
Single speaker
Vacuum tube 6V6 x2, 6SQ7 x1, 5Y3 x1, 6SL7 x1
Frequnecy response 20Hz-15kHz, +/-3dB
Output: Yoshiba original
Power supply: Special ordered
Output 10W
Speaker terminal 8ohms, 16ohms
Power 100V, 120V, 220V, 230V/50,60Hz/80W
Dimensions W180 x D390 x H170 mm
Weight 8.2kg
*The power voltage is available from 100V to 230V/50,60Hz.
This amplifier is build-to-order manufacturing. It takes 20days- max. 3months for delivery time.


YOSHIBA Onkyo MODEL KLV-66 Monaural Tube Power amp
Comfortable bass expression
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