Yamamoto Sound Craft HA-03 Tube Headphone amp

Beautiful tube sound from both headphones and speakers 

Selected high quality parts and design. HA-03 is unique designed tube amplifier for speakers as well as  headphones. HA-03 uses same output circuit both for speakers and for headphones. The amplified circuit is Siemens vintage tube C3m, is pentode connected one stage amplify. Quiet simple structure. Non feedback, separate power supply for screen grid circuit and  plate circuit.
Headphone side is 50ohms, 1.4W x2, speaker side is 8ohms, 1W output. 1W is small output, but considering powerful tube driving power, it is enough power for bookshelf speakers, except quiet low efficient speakers. Also it corresponds wide range impedance for headphones. almost any kind of headphones could be easy to be driven. Actual ideal impedance range seems be from 16ohms to 200ohms.

Insulated rigid wooden chassis and high quality parts..

HIgh insulated, high strength phenolic resin reinforced wood brought high quality sound as well. Power transformer is big R core transformer, selected resistor and other parts from the world.


Impression of the sound is smooth, but clear shape of sound, blight and vivid tone color.  Piano touch is clear and richness.
Excellent bass range for jazz. Sound field is huge, high density and excellent quality of feeling. I used SENNHEISER HD-650, 
Genuine custom made product of exceptional quality. 
Vacuum Tube C3m (vintage vacuum tube by German Siemens) 2pcs. 
Maximum output
1.4W+1.4W (50ohms/headphones) 
1W+1W (8ohms/speakers)
Frequency Response  35Hz~17.5kHz(-3dB)
Residual Noise 57μV(A filter)
Input impedance 50kohms Input selectable: 2
Dimensions 156(W)330(D)165(H)mm
Weight 5.6㎏
*The power voltage is available from 100V to 240V/50,60Hz.
*Yamamoto Sound Craft amplifiers are build to order system. It takes 6-16weeks to delivery.
Yamamoto Sound Craft HA-03 Tube Headphone amp
Not only aheadphone amp, but also as a speaker amp
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