Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S "45" Power amplifier

Pursuing the sound of well-established "45" tube to the limit

A-08S adopted the DC ignition with driver tube 717A, output tube 45. The noise level is succeeding in restraining it in a sufficient low level for the single no feedback method. The level is becoming without a problem at all with the combination with a high efficiency speaker in the range of about 0.3mV~0.7mV.
Large capacity shottkey diode of an U.S. international Rectifier company to the rectifiers of the heater circuits of 717A, 45 vacuum tubes. This diode is having a very low impedance characteristic with the thing that Yamamoto selected from various diodes in the world and the rectification loss is restrained low to about 0.3V and minimized. Thus, minimized insertion loss makes A-08S brings out impressive sound even this small output.
All power supply transformers, output transformers, chalk coils adopt cut core transformers which use only highend High B type model.
Each transformer covered with resin to keep the performance and the quality. Especially the output transformer uses 100 micron thickness core material is wrapped with the insulation paper of Teflon. Also refined trans wiring method for A-08S then improved the frequency characteristic.
Also, mainly adopting the polypropylene capacitor. The responsiveness to the signal of the palace nature of the ratio sob this polypropylene capacitor excels in a usual chemical capacitor and also even the distortion rate of capacitor oneself excellent very much.
A-08S is supplied Yamamoto Sound original capacitors for the coupling condenser and the input capacitor of power supply that quiet affects sound quality. This Yamamoto original capacitor is epoxy resined into the ebony wooden case or bakelite case. It has accomplished sound quality improvement by preventing the vibration of the elements. 
It is able to monitor the current of the output tube and grasp the condition of the vacuum tube. 
The tube socket is famous Teflon made. High quality Input terminal of external conducter adopts solid chromium copper, internal pin adopts solid Adjacent copper and insulated material is Teflon made. Output speaker terminal is Gold plated pure copper with Teflon insulator. The terminal accepts 8mm extra thickness speaker cable.
Cabinet base is solid high quality African ebony that Yamamoto Sound is providing it as setting bases. 
Type 45 Single stereo power amplifier
Vacuum tube "45" (vintage articles made in U.S.) x2, 717A x2, "80" x1
Maximum Output 2W+2W
Frequency response 18-30kHz(1W)
Gain 16dB
Input impedance 200kohms
Dimensions 400(W)294(D)204(H)mm
Weight 14.3㎏
*The power voltage is available from 100V to 240V/50,60Hz.
*This amplifier is build-to-order manufacturing. It will take 2-4 months to deliver.
Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S "45" Power amplifier
Refined prized A-08 power amplifier
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Message to Yamamoto-san for a job well done
2018/07/14 投稿者:Chris Lam おすすめレベル:★★★★★

I received my Yamamoto A08s 45 and got it running just fine.
The 2-Watter is able to drive my powered-sub speakers well and sounds great!
Very happy and satisfied purchase.