FAL C60 N50 Flat speaker driver unit one pair

Very fast, transparency, dimensional and very lively


Flat Impedance over full range


The diaphragm has light weight 4mm thickness special foam material which is quiet rigid and it contains a lot of air, hence it is difficult to have resonance sound from materials.
Another feature of flat driver unit is thick and solid aluminum frame, rigid fixing the diaphragm with dougle edge, poweerful neodymium magnet, rectangle shape voice coil and honeycomb structure. 
Magnet circuit structure is also designed with FAL original technology.
Its biggest feature is that the magnet sits at right angle against the diaphragm By the nature magnet circuit structure, voice coil nucleates to allow its movement Vertically but not horizontally. Therefore, impedance characteristics shows flatter Response and result in super balance sound.FAL FLAT Speaker feature powerful
N48(neodymium magnet).

Refined FLAT C60

C60 was refined. It was installed reinforcing bar on the middle of the voice coil bobbin, then it got more durable input as well as killing resonace noise of mid-high range.
FLAT C60 ordinary type frequency response
FLAT C60 refined new type frequency response

What is the best way

Finland Birch or Russian Birch is ideal cabinet materials for flat driver unit. They match the character of flat driver unit as a full range speaker system.
In case of using A.M.T motion hiel driver tweeters, crossover is more than 10kHz. Then C60 is not done high cut, but driven by atural attenuation.
C90 has enough driving force for back load horn type speaker system.
Impedance 8ohms
Frequency response 40Hz-14kHz
Efficiency 94dB(1m)
Dimensions 148(H)×128(W)×55(D)mm
Weight 1kg/1unit
All speaker products which contain magnets are shipped by Fedex.
FAL C60 N50 Flat speaker driver unit one pair
Dimensional lively sound!
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