FAL Supreme S C60F Floorstand speaker set

Reproduce dimesional sound image until ultra low range..

Improved diaphragm and yoke of FLAT C60
The point of improvement is to eliminate the resonance in the mid-high range by inserting a reinforcing bar in the middle part of the voice coil bobbin and to improve the resistance to input.
By reinforcing the aluminum pipe in the middle part of the voice coil bobbin, by giving strength against the lateral stress caused by the electromagnetic force, the resonance is reduced and the chattering noise at the time of large input and specific sound source regeneration is eliminated. It applies the technology to C60.
In order to release all frequency bands from the whole area of ​​the diaphragm without delay, eliminating "muddy" sound by the time difference, thus it can reproduce a more fidelity.
In general, speakers of the sound radiation angle is approximately 60 degree, however FAL flat driver's angle is more than 120 degree. Hence, the sound field expression is wider and the stereo area is vast as well.
FAL flat driver unit works through the whole diaphragm, it can reproduce enough bass comparable to 38 ~ 40cm woofer.
Combination of the light weight diaphragm and powerful magnetic circuit does not collapse the ballance of band wide even small volume level.
Each musical instruments, taxture of vocal music and depth field, well-balanced localization are reproduced magnificently.
Regardless of music genre, more dynamic and super natural sound. Rich demensional sound image until ultra low range, delicate experss energetic pianissimo as well..
High efficiency 94dB, Supreme S C60 can stressfree drive a low output tube amplifier.
Impedance 8ohms 
Frequency response 44Hz~14kHz
Efficiency 94dB/2.83V/1m
Dimensions 930×200×150/250mm (H×W×D) 
Weight 14.0kg/1 unit
*Color available White, brown or black.


I think that's the best. There will be no speakers that can reproduce stereophonic sound images so far at small volume. Low - mid range - high range, FAL Flat full range driver unit as it is that it is a broadband as well as supernatural characteristic. Personally I do not need tweeters. Even at small volume, the amount of bass range is also wonderful. Jazz, classical and vocal is excellent. Other genres is also great. I am using with 3W + 3W output tube amplifier.
There is no shortage at all.
All speaker products which contain magnets are shipped by Fedex.
FAL Supreme S C60F Floorstand speaker set
Very fast, vivid, lively sound
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