TRI PHONIC HIPPO-102KS 10cm 2WAY speaker system 

Sophisticated beautiful form by furniture designer

Hippo-102KS was designed as collaboration working with TRIPHONIC and furniture designer KASHO.
It is luxury speaker for interior as well as its sound. KASHO is not only a furniture designer, but also a Industrial artist.
The feature of his design is sophisticated beautiful form. In a relaxed straight line and a curve, sharp and precious timber likes "joinery and carpentry" is noticeable.
The cabinet is not like a typical teardrop type design. TRIPHONIC ordered KASHO to deisgn a cabinet shape is not like a ordinary default bookshelf one, but an ingenious design by Industrial artist..
The cabinet design was included important shape conditions for the sound quality as well.
Floating mount with ground mass and uni-transient system for sound qaulity, TRIPHONIC high-end quality incorporating technology in its entirety.
The speaker unit included other things are fine tuned with dedicated masterpiece work.
It can reproduce not only newest recording sound, but also vintage recording source including reprinted SP that you already gave up listening, without pain, but quiet really comfortable to reproduce such a sources.
System 2way Bass reflex uni-transient system
Impedance 4ohms
Input 40W
Crossover 4kHz, uni-transient knee characteristic
Output pressure 85dB/2.83Vm
Woofer: 10cm wooden cone( specila tuned)
Tweeter: 20mmUltra light weight soft doom type
Mount system Floating mount + Stone & steel ball Composite resin made ground mass
Cabinet Cherry wood
Speaker terminal Perfect nonmagnetic, Banana plug gold plated terminal
Dimensions H46.5cm x W21cm x D26cm
Weight 11.2kg/1unit
* This is order production item. It will take a few month or more.

Floating mount + ground mass.  ​Wooden cone woofer

The feature of TRIPHONIC driver unit is Good sound separation, massive bass impact, very dark backgrounud, but gently sound. Vivid vocal voice and musical instruments are very livey as well as very fast rising, on the other side, gentle but not noisy.. Such different character of sounds is difficult to compatible to altitude sound creation for ordinary speakers,though TRIPHONIC achieved this goal.
It also features stronger bass than expectation from this size of a speaker. The tonality of wooden diaphragm is also optimized by fine tuning for Dolphin-10W.

Floating mount + Solid wooden egg type cabinet. Soft doom tweeter

Combination with ultra thin high-response diaphragm and floating mount & Solid wooden cabinet created a high-grade tweeter that makes gentle sounds even though it is very sharp.
Corresponding step space mounted uni-transient system tweeter on the top panel, it has become a tall design that is not susceptible to the influence of sound reflection from the top panel.

Highend network

Peerlessly high-grade network "NMS(Network Module System)" mounted. Precious impedance correction circuit, baffle step correction circuit and knee characteristic fine adjustment, such kinds of advanced network circuits are build-in it. Internal wiring uses high quality fine multifilamentary wires. The condenser is a polypropylene film capacitor(Solen) only, ultra-high grade Trinity coil gave high resolution and smoother tonality. Resistors also use multiple acid gold resistors in parallel, and are getting low-distortion and thick sound quality.
The case is resin dipped vibration damping package. It eliminates turbidity of sound and contributes to noiseless and silent background.

Sound absorbing material is feather

It is 100% filled with lighter and precise luxury feathers. Eliminate squeaking sounds in the cabinet with powerful sound absorbing. Small cabinet, but open air sound likes a backload type speaker.

Handcraft, made in Yokohama

Handcraft one by one carefully in A&C audio factory. Perform measurement test recording of frequency characteristics and impedance characteristics to completed products, then burn-in it and sound quality checking and numbering before delivery.
All speaker products which contain magnets are shipped by Fedex.


TRI PHONIC HIPPO-102KS 10cm 2WAY speaker system 
Incredible handscarft speaker
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