Bakoon Products FIL-3101 Digital Noise Eliminator

Digital Noise Eliminate RF filter

FIL-3101 is unique digital noise filter for audio signal between a digital audio device and an amplifier. 
FIL-3101 is equipped RF filter for digital audio. All Bakoon d/a converters are mounted this RF filter to eliminate digital noises. It is extreme effective for improving sound quality. The precision of sound and localization improve dramatically. The turbidity of sound is cleared. FIL-3101 adopts low impedance, ideally maximum 750ohms, thus it recommends connecting between headphone output of digital audio player and input of FIL-3101 with a headphone jack/2RCA audio cable. It is good for smart phone, tablet or pc audio. The background noise is eliminated, become silent background, clearly, rich sound. The biggest point, it allows you enjoy listening your downloaded music data with your pure audio system.
Measure headphone output with spectrum analyzer. The horizontal axis shows frequency, and one scale shows noise distribution up to 20 MHz and 200 MHz
It shows that noise is generated over a wide range. Four sharp peaks are seen. This is the clock frequency which is the standard of digital equipment.
If you put FIL-3101 in the input of the amplifier as it is, there is a possibility that the high frequency component is integrated and the analog signal becomes muddy.
FIL-3101 was inserted in between devices, it disappears like the 2nd photo.
Bakoon's D / A converter incorporates this filter. 
Since FIL-3101 has low impedance, it is more effective if you connect from digital audio headphone output than normal RCA output.

Improve sound accuracy and localization significantly

It erase the noise, the muddiness of the sound disappears and it becomes clear and natural sound.
Example: Bakoon FIL-3101 to Products SCA-7511MK3


The effect is more than what I expected. I connect it between portable DAC and an amp. The sound shape became more dimensionally, clearly, I can hear fine sounds that I couldn't hear ever before.

To be honest, how it works actually even though it was shown in the data. I set the FIL-3101 up between the headphone amplifier HDA-5230 and the digital player, the audition starts. Despite the fact that the current output HDA-5230 was also transparency enough and got clear reproduction sound, the sound passed through FIL-3101 apparently became clear. I realized how the noise was on the digital music I had been listening to so far. If this is an ordinary headphone amplifier, I would like to recommend it as a device to be added by all means.

Bakoon Products FIL-3101 Digital Noise Eliminator
Cut digital noise, get clearly and natural sound!

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