Bakoon Products PRE-5410mk3 Pre-amplifier

Digital attenuator mounted preamplifier

The feature of Bakoon Products is quiet fast, very dynamic, strong bass impact, and overall very lively. The background is very dark. Wide spacious soundstage, fine resolution and  incredible natural reproduction.
PRE-5410mk3 is equipped a gain control attenuator which is digital controlled analog ATT, has 10bit resolution of digital conversion.
The attenuator is composed on the circuit board, is no wired from circuit board to attenuator, realize as high precision preamplifier. 
Ultra low distortion buffer amp and SATRI-IC composed amplification section, are maximized with voltage output circuit. Furthermore the current output "SATRI-LINK output" uses a dedicated SATRI-IC for current output and outputs a signal with an impedance of several tens of MΩ, so the power amplifier and PRE-5410mk3 are in an isolated state. Induction noise caused by loops does not enter, enabling more precise playback.
Also, connect PRE-5410mk3 and a power amplifier with SATRI-LINK, it performs transforming signal information perfectly.
About management, the exclusive CPU controls input/output and digital ATT. It manages avoid generation of noise.
Input Voltage input x3, SATRI-LINK input x2
Output Voltage output x1, SATRI-LINK output x1
Attenuator Switchable 10bit resolution high precision metal film resistance
Maximum output 10V(RMS)
CPU control Input selectable, automatic muting
Dimensions W350 x H90 x D430 mm
Weight 4.8kg
*It is build to order system. It will take 1-2weeks to delivery.

SATRI-IC, attenuator ?

The sound character of SATRI-EX is dynamic, great contrast, sharpness.. for rock, jazz, pops musics.
The sound character of SATRI-UL is smooth, luxury, fine, delicate.. for classic music.
The difference of each type is volume (attenuator) grade which is directly affect its sound quality. 
Noninductive wing resistance ATT is minimum distortion, high resolution, rich bass range and dynamic sound but does not have any special character. Metal film resistance ATT is good separation of sound, rich mid-bass range. Both attenuators is generally less noise, high stability and rich information.


Bakoon Products PRE-5410mk3 Pre-amplifier
Digital attenuator mounted preamplifier 
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