Bakoon Products HDA-5230 Portable Headphone amp

Palm-sized headphone amplifier

Same size as iPhone7Plus, stylish high-end headphone amplifier.
Orange accented volume knob is easy to handle, light-weight and easy to carry, anywhere, any timing, you can enjoy high resolution musics in your smartphone or tablet with excellent quality.
10 hours powerful battery driving. HDA-5230 corresponds almost of all headphones.
 HDA-5230 is didecated current output as the feature of Bakoon headphone amplifier. The circuit uses a new discrete SATRI circuit.
The power source adopts a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It shuts down automatically when the battery voltage decreased.
Using surface mount components which does not have a lead wire. Hence it is not influenced by the reactance of the lead wires then it is possible to reproduce more precisely.
It has a great bass impact, super spacious soundstage and with a good depth, some grain in the sound, but the best resolution out of all the amps.
Even if listening for a long time it is more comfortable than I imagined.
The picture is Frequency characteristics and phase characteristics of New current output headphone amplifier HDA-5230. From 5Hz to 1MHz is flat. It means that it is good characteristics as  non feedback amplifier. Distortion of output 1 mW is approximately 0.02%.
Input Voltage input 1RCA x 1
Output current output: Standard headphone jack x1
Headphone impedance 8~600ohms
Maximum output 1200mW/100ohms
Battery Lithium-polymer battery 3.7V 1800mAh x3
Dimensions 190x90x40mm(included a nob)
Weight 500g
*Internationa shipping contains extra cost for Lithium-polymer battery.
**It is also available USB connected externale battery type. 


Bakoon Products HDA-5230 Portable Headphone amp
High resolution sound with highest quality!!
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