Aug-Line Terminator PW Noise cut power cable

Developed as noise absorption and removal module

Aug-Line became famous brand in Japan as specified audio cable products which material is used with "high quality precious" metals, silver, gold and platinum.The sound's coming from "special blended alloy" was Sensational over Japanese audiophile, hence many Aug-Line cables became prizewinners of audio magazines.
Aug-Line "Terminator Power AC was developed as noise absorption and removal module. Gold, silver and platinum are ideal balance blended, and the conductor is fused structure an element with noise absorption affect and fine ceramics. Terminator Power AC installs between power cable and a device.

Audio Excellent Award winning cable is a clear distinction between others

It is equipped terminator element inside, has noise absorption effect. The cable part is supplied "Aug alloy" abundantly.
Connect between existing power cable and a device.
Recommend using it at upper stream of the system. Especially clock mounted device is expected outstanding affection of sound quality improvement.
It takes 30hours aging for pulling out full performance.


Aug-Line Terminator PW is newest noise absorption element  and fine ceramic united conductor. The degree of effect was quiet huge. Installed between the preamplifier and AC power cable, up-graded purity of whole sounds, it seems terminating subtle high-frequency noise ingredient which is contained in sound. 
The feature of this item is whole ranges become energetic rather than erasing noises to get clarity and dark background. Vocal, piano became rich and voluptuously, string instruments became shapely, dynamic, stronger bass impact, overall very lively.The goal of Aug-Line Terminator PW is different direction from the other noise filter items. The other audio accessories seems to be difficult to express this outstanding sound. 
Aug-Line lines up Terminator for speaker, also internal terminator element.

Aug-Line Terminator PW Noise cut power cable
Audio Excellent Award, Special for Accessory prize 2013
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