Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-2 Sakura wooden Headshell

Warm and comfortable Sakura head shell

HS-2 is carefully selected best quality Asada Sakura(cherry) wood material. Asada Sakura wood is not enough stiff then it is provided brass made screw plate with finger hook.
The specific gravity of sakura wood is lighter than metal and ebony, thus weight balance is taken in combination with this brass plate. The weight is approximately 10g.
Weight balance can be adjusted more easily by using weight adjustment washer Yamamoto WA-1.
It is adjustable the degree of shell and connecter by a screw of shell root. It allows to adopt various tonearms, cartridges and turntables.

Body: Hokkaido Asada Cherry
Finger-hook part: 1.5mm thickness Brass
Dimensions 18(W)x 50(L)x 18(H) 
Weight 10.4g
Shell lead Standard type
Supplied stuff
Standard type shell lead wires
Glod plated brass screws


HS-2 is Hokkaido Asada Cherry wooden shell, the softest wooden shell in the list of Yamamoto wooden shells, which is one of the most express the policy of Yamamoto Sound Craft " Do not control the sound, but pull out beautiful sound from the wooden material which it has originally." No any special technic, but natural and organic sound. HS-2 does not match for Rock, Funk or electronic heavy sounds. It reproduces vocal and live music instruments cozy and very warmly. Especially vocal harmony is outstanding.
It's a perfect match to my London Decca jubilee. I think the soft wood stops the vibration that has been a big problem before
Thanks again!
Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-2 Sakura wooden Headshell
Selected Hokkaido Asada Sakura wooden Headshell
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