Analog Relax "ginjo lead" POPS Advance wire

Specializing for Pops, AOR, R&B..

Want to enjoy Pops,AOR. Not only luxury background sounds, but also wan to bring out good feeling of vocal. Donald Fagen and Marvin Gaye..other R&B or blues also as well..
One of the most important key of pops is texture of a vocal, it became clear, improved top range. The sound pressure also improved as well as it can be listened background sound clearly.
High-end model that it can thoroughly reproduce your favorite discs pleasantly. Sound pressure rises over the whole band, resolution improves, thus each musical instrument is able to listen and distinguish comfortably.
Wire 1950's Abroad made Brown enamel, awg22 single diameter0.64mm
Solder 1950-60's American solder
Chip Japan made Gold plated phosphor copper
Is it possible to make an environment  in which a lot of record fans can  enjoy, pleasant listen to a record without huge amount of cost?
Focus on "Lead wire" that has the power to greatly improve sound quality. Analog Relax developed <Ginjyo Lead> as a product that fits the needs of record fans.

Thorough polishing wires and superb material choice

"ginjo lead" was created with thorough "polishing" techniques. 
Use various polishing techniques according to the wire type, then solder it and it is finishing to aiming sound.
"ginjo lead" was named from the image of "ginjo sake" of Japanese sake that it pursue the surpreme taste of sake. Same as it is, "ginjo lead" pull out "Umami/ flavor" from an analog disc.
From a vintage cable typified by Western to the cutting-edge materials, Carefully selected wire material according to the music you want to listen to. Furthermore, solder also looked from all over the world, regardless of old and new, and adopted the best one.
Do not rely on brands and values ​​of materials, It is a gem that was thoroughly adjusted with the sound of the record being reproduced.
It is completed that Audio critic said "It is proposal that a wonderful world can be opened with shell lead even if it is not the latest material"

Collaboration with shell lead Meister KS-Remasta

"ginjo lead" was developed by collaboration with KS-Remasta who is famous shell lead meister on the audio magazines and has been developing only shell lead wires.

Selectable product lineup

ginjo lead categorizes 5 muisc genre (JAZZ, Piano Trio, VOCAL, ROCK, POPS) and also selectable 2 grade per each lead wire type.


Mid-top range increased resolution. And heavy bass came up to my feet crawling on the floor. The texture apparently improved whole range.
Analog Relax "ginjo lead" POPS Advance wire
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