Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-6 Titanium Headshell

All Titanium headshell

HS-6, HS-6S use high purity solid titanium that is the most promising material as a head shell among light weight and high strength metal. Titanium has no magnetism and does not affect cartridge performance. It is also adopted for diaphragm of horn driver as the merit of sound quality.
One of the big feature of HS-6 is all pure titanium from the connecter part to the finger hook except the conductor. Some titanium shell blade headshells are released in the market, but such a all pure titanium type including the connector, seems to be very rare, maybe one and only.. HS-6(S) is achieved its weight to manage 14.2g. The top of blade is scraped until the limit of strength, lightened effort. For example Yamamoto HS-5 other titanium shell is 18.4g. 


High speed, high resolution. improve preciousness radically. For classic, high speed and well describe fine informations. Surprised stronger bass impact. Over whole cool and well extending sound, but so much forwardness in this character. HS-6 is extremely advanced hifi. Jazz is also a bit cool sound, sound image is forward though, increase fine informations, musical preciousness radically improve. Breathtaking expressive. Pops is well matched for it, excellent expressive vocal voice texture. Cool, blight expressive is one of the best choice.

HS-6S is integrated lead wire model. The lead wire is heavy 6N copper wire with pure phosphor bronze chip. The sound of freshness increases, powerful, fascinates listeners into the musical world. Good good combination. If you won't suffer choosing lead wires, HS-6S is the one.
Body: Solid titanium
Finger hook: Solid titanium 
Connector part sleeve/stopper pin: Solid titanium
Connector part terminal pin: Pure copper/Non-magnetic gold-plated pin
Insulator material for connector part: Teflon
Dimensions 18(W)x 50(L)x 16(H)mm
Weight 14.2g
Shell lead
HS-6: Standard lead wire
HS-6S: Teflon insulator, 6N copper shell lead
Supplied stuff Titanium screws 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm
Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-6 Titanium Headshell
Award winning audio accessory
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