Yamamoto Sound Craft AL-2 wooden Arm lifter unit

Arm lifter unit adopting large hydraulic cylinder

AL-2 is the arm lifter unit which adopted a large-sized oil pressure cylinder 16mm in diameter. The African ebony was adopted as the sleeve of an attachment part. An arm can be smoothly taken up and down by operating a larger lever. When lift a lifter, it goes up for a short time, When taking down, it gets down slowly by oil pressure.  It would be happened to make damages a stylus or a disc, if you operate the torn arm without a lifter. Such a trouble can be prevented if an arm lifter. Since this AL-2 lifter unit can be placed individually, combining with almost all turntables.
NOTE: The sleeve part of this product is made of wood. Please be careful not to tighten a cylinder fixed screw too much.
It is adjustable from 39 mm to 53 mm from a turntable board. Please check the height of the arm of your turntable befor epaurchasing.
Hydraulic cylinder Diameter 16mm
Diameter of a bottom of a stand section 38mm
Length of a Lever 58mm
Whole height when raising a Lever 60mm
Arm Rest Length 33mm
Amount of lift 3mm
Height Adjustment Range 38-53mm adjustable


It is good to be able to set an arbitrary height with respect to the arm.
Yamamoto Sound Craft AL-2 wooden Arm lifter unit
Wooden arm lifter unit adopting large hydraulic cylinder
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