Yamamoto Sound Craft Magnet Floating Base MGB-2

Yamamoto Sound Craft Magnet Floating Base MGB-2

The information richer, the sound clearer

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Setting base with vibration blocked by using magnetic force

MGB-2 is MGB-1 miniaturized item for lightweight devices. MGB-2 is designed for products of 10 kg or less. Preamps, CD players, phono equalizers, DA converters, etc. are eligible.
African ebony with beautiful resonance as well as high damping effect and  Neodymium magnet with the highest holding power. It is small but it gains high performance. The equipment which floated with the magnet receives little vibration from the floor and the influence of the vibration from the speaker is also extremely reduced. It can prevent deterioration of sound caused by vibration and resonance. As a result, the S / N ratio improves and the amount of information becomes rich, the sound becomes clearer and the presence increases. 
It fixed the upper and lower magnets to African ebony wood, and joined it with narrow bolts. It needs to equalize weight on each base when set it up.
Please note that this product is using magnets, in combination with products susceptible to magnetism. For example, the effect of magnetism can be considered for the step-up transformer for the MC cartridge and the cassette deck. 

Dimensions Diameter: 49mm, Height: 45mm ~37mm
Material African ebony, neodymium magnet
Load bearing capacity 1piece: 0.9kg~3kg, 2.7kg~9kg/3pieces, 3.6kg~12kg/4pieces
Weight 170g/1piece
Available for 4piece set, 3piece set and 1piece.