Yamamoto Sound Craft MGB-50 Magnet floating board

Plate type magnetic floating audio board

MGB-50 is Asada Sakura laminated wood with beautiful sound that has neodymium magnets in the bottom which is combined with solid African ebony base, then it is an audio board that floats the board itself by repelling magnetic force. 
The MGB-50 is floated by a magnet equivalent to MGB-1 and it corresponds to a relatively heavy product of 5kg - 30kg. Mainly power amps, large CD players, turntable etc. can be used for MGB-50.

Improve Signal/Noise ratio and produce clear reproducibility

Compared to the fact that a general audio board acts to attenuate vibration,magnet floating base floats the audio equipment almost without contact and it does not transmit vibration from the floor. In addition to external vibrations, it also turns off resonance of the audio equipment itself and reflected vibrations to the cabinet. 
Improve S / N ratio by eliminating noise, the sound field becomes quiet and the space outlook is good, enhance the amount of information to improve the localization and resolution.
The bass becomes deep and powerful, high range is drawn out sharpness and extensively well. In particular, unnecessary bulges in the mid-low range is absorbed, the balance of the response becomes uniform. The tone is gentle, it is not cloudy, transparency increases and the expression of the detail becomes clearer.
When installing an amplifier etc. on the board, pinpoint base like PB-4-2 etc. is used in combination between the amplifier and the board, it improves the sound quality, it makes it more brilliant and vivid sound.


Since the influence on the circuit by the minute vibration is absorbed, the focus becomes tight and becomes clear, the position of the instruments and depth field are clear and the overall presence increases. The detail of the expression is delicate, precise, and the finish of the sound is delicately depicted. In the case of the amplifier, the internal vibration is overwhelmingly strongly influenced by the external vibration, floating type is most effective. It improved the sound quality more than I imagined.
Applicable model Power amp, large CD player, turntable, etc
Material Asada Sakura laminated wood, African ebony
Dimensions 500(W)x460(D)x54(H)mm, Thickness: 32mm
Load bearing capacity 5~30kg
Weight 7.0kg


Yamamoto Sound Craft MGB-50 Magnet floating board
Audio award winner selection item
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