Analog Relax EX 1 Sapphire cantilever MC cartridge

Superb reverberation and natural sounding ...

The body is carefully scraped out from solid selected solid "Quince" by craftmen one by one.
The cantilever is "white sapphire" which is said to be hard next to diamond is cut out and uses it.
By making full using of these natural materials, " information content "" resolution "" spec "etc., there is no time to worry about such a thing. From the moment when you dropped the stylus on the disc, "EX 1" makes you immerse into the sound of the record and music.
It corresponds to music of all genres, especially the feature of "EX 1" stands out is playback of acoustic type sound source.
Since natural materials are used, there is no inherent vibration, and there is no disagreeable sound on the sound.
Extensive refreshing melody of violen...
A pleasant sensation that can be seen as each instrument of the full orchestra to take in hand ...
Sparkle of individual sound of an acoustic guitar ...
Melancholy of female vocals ...

Solid Quince wooden body

"Quince" which is used as interior material of professional recording studio concerned with sound. From the goodness of the sound, it is secretly that some of audio mania finishes the home audio room with quince flooring material is not so much known. Craftsmen carefully cut out the solid Quince wood, and it is processing into the casing. Moreover, it did not apply urethane paint on the surface, polished carefully only with beeswax waxing. As a result, it brings rich-musical 'natural sound' that can never be obtained with a resin (plastic) or metal-processed body.

White sapphire cantilever

"white sapphire" hardness is next to the diamond, is scraped out and adopted as the cantilever. It picks up whole information engraved in the groove of the record and reproduces exquisite air feeling. This feeling can not be experienced at all with boron cantilever.

Custom-made Super Curve line contact stylus

While the line contact shape, Using a custom-made stylus "Super Curve line contact" that  the tip of the stylus is processed to the curvature close to the round stylus. Although the sound freshness and information are extracted, the sound never narrows, it reproduces full of artistic music. As the characteristics of the processing curve, it is also a big advantage that it is seldom to pick up typical "scratch" sound in old records such as the original disc and then it makes you immerse into the sound of the record.
Excellent abrasion resistance than regular line contact stylus gives longer life span is also a big good point.
Coil Copper wire
15 ohms
Stylus fource 2.0g
Frequency response 20~25,000Hz ±2.0dB
Magnet Neodymium Multi Magnet
Stylus Super Curve Line contact (Solid diamond)
Cantilever White sapphire
Output voltage 0.45mV / 1kHz or more
Dimensions 7.4mm / 17.0mm / 17.3mm
*This item is "complete order made product".
A skilled craftman will start production. Shipping takes about 6 weeks.


It is a sound full of personality in a good way. The energy balance is a magnificent pyramid. The sound field feel is sparse. However, the sound image is rich and strong, and it jumps to the listening position. Some speakers may feel the impact of being hit by an egg. Although there is a lot of information, the deformation is also strong at the same time, and it can be perceived as if the player is making a pretending behaviour. Musically, it is clearly a dramatized type and actively involved in music performance. Jazz is the best. Funky sounds spill over into the listening room, and the normally cool monitor audio PL200Ⅱ expresses blowing fire. The thickness of brass instruments is awesome. Although it has a strong sense of deformation, it does not mask jazz elements. Vocals are erotic. The sound image feels like red lips. Classic is an expression that gives priority to impression over analysis. I wanted to have one of these cartridges.



Analog Relax EX 1 Sapphire cantilever MC cartridge
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