Teragaki-Lab TERRA-SP500 system

"Dramatically broaden the pleasure of sound"

The TERRA speaker produces quite different sound field from the conventional speaker by its original sound emission panel.
It has been designed based on the idea of "wave (substance wave)" theory which repeated research and prototypes by Dr.Terakige for 30 years. "New sounds" joining conventional speakers dramatically expand how to enjoy audio.
The SP 500 has integrated the SP-300 and the sub-woofer WF-300 into 2 way, with 3 units on each L/R side. Improved sound conduction efficiency, broadened the range of high and low. You can enjoy a smooth, mild, elegant sound. Custom-made wax finished wooden frame with shellac finished diaphragm reproduces more natural instrument sound. Unnecessary resonance disappeared due to the adoption of Oral Sonic's articulatory material, and was reborn as a clearer sound with addition of earthing. Natural sound spreads 360 degrees in three dimensions, the sound image is very real, it seems like the stage is visible.
Rising edge and graininess of outstanding sound unique to wooden diaphragm is clear, and you can enjoy clear sound. Sound pressure is low and it does not get tired even if listening for a long time.
A way of ringing as close as possible to instruments with expressive power that is very close to the natural sound. The timbre of the wood base, cello, violin is a special one. The sense that the speaker disappears depending on the setting is the presence of the masterpiece. Dimensional null splits the sound nicely, especially the sound of instruments such as piano is noteworthy, do not think that it is the sound coming out of the speaker. The ensemble is as if the sound of each instrument separates cleanly and is played in front of you.
20W/8ohms x2
20W/4ohms x1
Impedance 16Ω
Dimensions W330xH470xD220mm
Weight Approximately10kg

* Since Terakagi speakers are handmade one by one for order production, it takes time for delivery.

All speaker products which contain magnets are shipped by Fedex.

Teragaki-Lab TERRA-SP500 system
Natural sound spreads 360 degrees in three dimensions, the sound image is very real
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