FAL Supreme C90F Single EX Floor stand speaker set

Impressive sound recognized by the world

Transparency and resolution expressing the clear space, it has high reproducibility exceeding the high end system.
Dynamics of sound and spatial expression that It was said to be difficult to make it compatible so far. It was a thing of the past by the FAL FLAT driver.
Transparent feeling that sound particles spread before the eyes and vbrancy full of energy that are able to experience at the same time, that it is exactly the new environment of audio speakers.
Further combination of evolved FAL FLAT driver C90 and FAL AMT that are used one each place to make the most of it. In order to enrich the lowest range to be reproduced from C90, it made the internal volume of the enclosure ideal.
Each musical instrument which could not be reproduced, texture and depth of vocal music, and reproduce a well-balanced localization feeling. Regardless of the genre of music, more dynamic, supernatural sound and dimensional stereophonic image with depth.
With a unique strong magnetic circuit without using a network, in addition to the sound quality without phase shift, it reproduces each instrument, texture of vocal music and sense of depth, well-balanced sense of localization that it was not possible to reproduce with the conventional cone, horn, condenser, etc.. Regardless of genre of music, you can enjoy more dynamic and supernatural sound. With the systemization of this FLAT engine, it delicately expresses energy-sensitive pianissimo, three-dimensional stereophonic sound images with depth, that it will give us the excitement as if playing in front.
Innovative driver system to open up a new era of audio speakers.

Crossover frequency 9,000Hz
Frequency characteristic 27Hz~25kHz
Efficiency 97dB/2.83V/1m
Impedance 8ohms
Unit C90×1+AMT×1
Dimensions 930×340×300mm 
Weight 28kg/1unit
It is C90 uploaded to youtube.

You can choose the color white, black, grain.
If you wish, we will paint in the color of your choice for a fee (it may not be possible depending on the color).

FAL Supreme C90F Single EX Floor stand speaker set
Super natural sound and rich dimensional sound image 
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