Nakamichi 1000mb CD transport

Nakamichi High-end CD transport

Nakamichi 1000mb was released in 1991 as highend CD trasport as a member of famous DAT system "1000" series. It was a famous machine that gained a high reputation for its good sound quality and high functionality. The biggest feature of 1000mb was "Acoustic Isolation System" which tried to shut out the influence of air vibrations.
At 1000 mb, "Nakamichi boasted" Music Bank System "was installed, and it was compatible with convenience of multi play function and simple operation of single disc player.
This is like playing a normal CD player with placing one CD on the tray, a function that allows you to have six CD's in the internal stocker. As a result, it was produced n autochanger system that can reproduce freely with arbitrarily 1CD + 6stock CDs, total 7CDs.
This 1000mb was refurbished at Nakamichi maintenance service and replaced new lens last year. The cosmetic condition is excellent and excellent working order. The CD shield door is a little bit hard when it opens even it was fixed by manufacture.
Accessory N/A
Frequency  44.1kHz
Quantization 16bit
Frequency response 5-20kHz +/-0.5dB
Signal/Noise ratio 105dB or more
Channel separation 100dB or more
Digital output 75ohms/Coaxial / light (parallel)
Dimensions W435 x H133x D370mm
weight 16.0kg
Nakamichi 1000mb CD transport
Manufacture refurbished Nakamichi legndary CD transport
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