Aug-Line Terminator element 15A / 2piece set

Aug-Line Terminator element 15A / 2piece set

Purity is increased, quality is brought out


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Revolutionary item combining noise absorbing element and fine ceramic

Famous high end Japanese-Italian brand “Yamamura Crawly Limited”/Be Yamamura uses Aug-line cables and noise eliminators as OEM in their amplifiers, devices and speakers for supporting Yamamura sounds.
It is a noise absorbing and removing module which used abundantly "Aug alloy" which triple blended gold, silver and platinum in the conductor part.
The intenal uses a special material with noise absorption effect and fine ceramics.
Use it in the form of putting it into the speaker cable or power cable you are currently using.
The transparency of the background increases, and the whole music becomes energetic!

1. How to use with a speaker

The easiest way to use is to connect the terminator elements in series to the output side of the speaker cable you are using now.
In case of general speakers, if you use 4 terminators (15A) you will get a very big effect.
As confirmed effects, Increasing the SN ratio · Increasing the amount of information. Especially the sense of speed and resolution of the low range are greatly improved, you can not feel the bumps and loose. Small full range speaker and high frequency side of bi-wire, Terminator (3A) can cope well enough.
If you use (3A) on the low frequency side of a large speaker system, there is a tendency to be slightly lighter sound quality though there is an effect.
As an ideal usage method, put it into behind the network, there is an incredible effect. In that case, it is better to use low frequency (15A) and middle-high frequency (3A).
Also, the points discovered during the various experiments, there is also an example where the sound field spreads nearly twice when used at the exit of the parallel resistance (R2 resistance) of the damping resistance in the mid range or the high range.


2. How to use in signal system

Basically, it  just put in the circuit in series in the signal system. If you use a terminator to hot and cold of the signal cable you are currently using, you can check the surprising effect. In case of the balance circuit, it is good to use it for the balance signal circuit. The ground line of the balance circuit is unnecessary. Also Terminater 3A is well enough for the system. If you connect in series between the connector of the device and the circuit, you can expect a great effect. Even in the digital signal, all great effects were confirmed.

3. How to use in the power supply system

Regarding using it in the power supply system, just only use it in series with the circuit. In case of power supply Please be careful to observe allowable current.
The terminator (large) is 220V15A, and the terminator (small) is 220V3A. If it is used more than this, it may cause heat generation or fire, so please use it within the standard.
After rectifying with a diode, when used between a smoothing condenser and the surprising effect will be demonstrated.


Although it is common to this terminator series, by removing noise generated by alternating current and high frequency noise generated on the circuit, the purity of the sound increases, the transparency and resolution of the background increases, the graininess of the sound becomes clear. String instruments and vocals are now being expressed very lively.
In consultation with Mr. Muto of Aug-Line, the jumper cable was made by processing the terminator (^^) / Augline's terminator is a magical item that makes the sound smooth even though the S / N ratio is very high and the resolution and the number of sounds increase. Already installed in SP cables and power boxes. The S / N ratio became very high from the beginning of this connection, and the resolution and number of sounds increased. The sound is getting smoother in a few hours, but the speaker has improved in the mid-high range, and it is noticeable that the low range is not coming out well (^ _ ^;)