Aug-Line Aug-alloy Spade plug set

Aug-Line Aug-alloy Spade plug set

High speed and high resolution

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Spade plug for or 8 mm terminal using Aug alloy

Famous high end Japanese-Italian brand “Yamamura Crawly Limited”/Be Yamamura uses Aug-line cables and noise eliminators as OEM in their amplifiers, devices and speakers for supporting Yamamura sounds.
It is a Spade plug for 8mm terminal using gold and silver blended "Aug-alloy." Deepen the incision in the 8mm section, It can be connected firmly to both 6mm terminal and 8mm terminal.
It is a connection terminal based on the high speed, high resolution of the Aug alloy. You can enjoy a more pure sound. Even with only this pin, it will give the goodness of the Aug alloy's features easily.
Since the Aug alloy itself is soft,Contactability when tightening is also outstanding.
When manufacturing, it is not a general method by punching press processing, it adopts cutting processing by wire cutter that does not stress the material.
The sleeve part can handle up to 2.5mm φ inside diameter, Just three Aug-line SP's will be held.
The external dimensions fit exactly to the WBT speaker terminal used for high-class equipment.