ASTOR AS-XP88EZⅡ Tube Preamplifier

Using the ultimate transformer for vacuum tube amplifier

For the EZ series, use Alps Electric Co., Ltd. Attenuator type 41 contact semi special custom VR for volume, RJ - 232 for the input terminal and INLET (R) rhodium type for AC, for the coupling condenser, use AmTrans made metallized film condenser AMCO type. For the electrolytic block condenser, it is used a semi-special order product made by Nichicon to constitute a stable B power supply circuit.Carefully select and use reliable parts in all kinds of parts, and we manufacture one unit perfectly by hand. The insulator is manufactured from the round bar of 50mm oxygen free copper by scraping and it is attached with the young cow leather between the bottom plate. It is converting the sound of analog playback to a wonderful superior sound quality.
Make chassis that does not put out any screws at all, using metal fittings of 2 mm thickness oxygen-free copper plate, folding processed XP type 2mm thickness mirror finished stainless steel plate, by installing all parts, it becomes the same as the two-piece structure principle. In addition, it has made a remarkable effect on anti-vibaration and noise countermeasures. The sound quality shows the characteristic that it can reproduce almost flat up to the frequency of 10Hz to 80kHz so that the original sound can be faithfully reproduced.
Tube E83CC-01 x2, E82CC-01 x4
Transformer PT-95 x1,  C-30-80W x1
Volume Attenuator 31 steps A100kohms
Frequency response 10Hz~100kHz
Residual noise 1mmV or less/1W
Input impedance 100kohms
Weight 14kg
Dimensions  W480xH180xD360mm
*it is made to order, delivery may take 3 months.
To the transformer which is the source of sound, Combined tradition and latest technology, it was completed Hashimoto (Sansui Trans) ultimate transformer series for vacuum tube amp. ASTOR is making a tube amplifier by using a matching transformer from among them.
Basically all handmade, so it is also possible to tailor your music preferences, audio system to some extent.
Panel color can be chosen from silver or champagne gold.
ASTOR AS-XP88EZⅡ Tube Preamplifier
A tube amp using Hashimoto Electric (Sansui transformer) transformer that fuses tradition and latest technology


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