ASTOR AS-XP1000SP High-end Pre-amplifier

Faithful original sound reproduction

AS-XP1000SP chassis that does not put out any screws at all, using metal fittings of 2 mm thickness oxygen-free copper plate, folding processed XP type 2mm thickness mirror finished stainless steel plate, by installing all parts, it becomes the same as the two-piece structure principle. In addition, it has made a remarkable effect on anti-vibaration and noise countermeasures. The sound quality shows the characteristic that it can reproduce almost flat up to the frequency of 10Hz to 100kHz so that the original sound can be faithfully reproduced.
The volume is TOKYO KO-DEN DENPA 2P2511 type gold plated terminal, the electrolytic block condenser is NICHIKON made custom ordered type that It constitutes a stable B power supply circuit. It uses carefully selected parts with reliability in all parts and is manufactured by handmade one by one completely. The insulator is manufactured from the round bar of 50mm oxygen free copper by scraping and it is attached with the young cow leather between the bottom plate.
Three-dimensional sound full of lively and dynamic feeling delivered out of overwhelming quietness is charm, further the clarity of each note is increased. And especially from the very low volume range, feeling of power and dynamics are felt. The recorded sound field information is expressed obediently as it is. It pull out recording information obediently, transfer firmly the unique nuances of individual recordings, original taste of the anolog disc itself, excellent sound of analog reproductions with built-in full-scale phono equalizer without omission.
Vacuum tube 12AX7LPS x2, 12AU7 x4 
Transformer H2110 x1,  C-30-40 x1
Volume 41points high quality step-less attenuator
Frequency response 10Hz~100kHz
Residual noise 1mmV or low / 1W
Equalizer input impedance
Weight 16kg
Dimensions  W480xH115xD430mm
*Depending on stock status, deliveries may take 3 months.
ASTOR AS-XP1000SP High-end Pre-amplifier
Rigid chassis and artistic wiring make noiseless, transparency superb original sound reproduction.
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