ASTOR MC-999US MC step up transformer

Step up the signal from the MC cartridge without loosing any signal

The transformer is Hashimoto trans. Its sound quality is delicate and dynamic, beautiful, clear, from low to high, it reproduces sound clearly without leaving. It is the MC cartridge step-up transformer of the highest grade product that provides music reproduction that you could not taste so far.
In order to send a signal to the amplifier, selection of winding structure including high mu PC core, setting of physical structure, strictly triple shield, Using Hashimoto 's input transformer for MC cartridge which was designed to dispersion of vibration mode etc., ASTOR made high performance MC cartridge step - up transformer. ASTOR made products by using high quality materials and parts pursuing for the best sound quality.
For the MC-999NS&MC-999US series transformer chassis, use oxygen-free copper panels of 2 mm thickness and 5 mm thickness, by laminating the inside with the anti-vibration material, the vibration which adversely affects the sound quality is eliminated. For Rotary Switch, we use special order of Saiden's gold plated contacts. All other parts are also carefully selected gold plated new parts.The wiring material is 0.9mm oxygen free copper single wire, gold-plated Teflon coating is adopted as insulation material which greatly affects sound quality. Wiring is aerial wiring of ASTOR's specialty which makes right and left independent, then improving separation.The insulator is also cut out from the oxygen-free copper round bar, and it is attached by pinching the chamois leather.
The difference between the MC-999NS and the MC-999US series is only the difference whether it is a model that houses a transformer inside the chassis or a model protruding like a chimney in appearance, it is the same model in performance at the degree of splitting into appearance preferences. However, the 999 NS series seems to have high rigidity because it completely encapsulates the transformer, and S / N may be good.
You can choose Hashimoto transformer to be installed from 3 types, A type: HM-3, X type: HM-X, G type: HM-7 depending on your preference.
Step up ratio(Gain) HM-3
HIGH: 12ohms, 1:20, 26dB
LOW: 3ohms, 1:40, 32dB
HIGH: 12ohms, 1:15, 23dB
LOW: 3ohms, 1:30, 29dB
HIGH: 12ohms, 1:15, 23dB
LOW: 3ohms, 1:30, 29dB
Input impedance
LOW: 3ohms(2ohms~7ohms)
High: 12ohms(7ohms~40ohms)
Load impedance 47kΩ
Frequency response HM-3 15Hz - 50kHz(-1dB)
HM-X 15Hz - 100kHz(-1dB)
HM-7 15Hz - 80kHz(-1dB)
Insertion loss 1.5dB
Input impedance switching PASS, HIGH, LOW
Separation 91dB
Dimensions W170 x D175 x H95mm
Weight 3.5 - 4.6kg depend on the transforer type
Input: 2line
Output: 1line

* It may take 1 to 3 months for delivery depending on the order status as it will be hand work by order production.

ASTOR MC-999US MC step up transformer
The finest products that offer music reproduction that you could not taste ever
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