TAKET BATPRO2 Super Tweeter set

TAKET BATPRO2 Super Tweeter set

Improve sound stage dramatically

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Polymer Piezo-electric Heil type Super Tweeter 

In the Super-tweeter, TAKET cuts the frequency response under 20kHz as much as possible. First of all, frequency response under 20kHz is physically cut by adjusting the pitch and the depth of the wave of the vibration board film. This is possible because of the Heil-like structure. In addition a low frequency region is cut electrically by a capacitor.  Thus, the SPL under 20kHz of the main speaker system is not changed, even if the TAKET Super-tweeter is added. It approaches an ideal super-tweeter that adds only to the sound over 20kHz.
TAKET super tweeter has especial characteristic that we cut the sound of under 20kHz ( which you can listen the sound ) as much as possible to design ideal super tweeter.
So, it is very difficult to listen the sound from TakeT super tweeter, if it is connected to main speaker. It is the big difference from other super tweeters.
BATPRO2 extends treble range widely, adds realistic sound and stereophonic effect to existing speaker system, then creating overwhelming presence. Easy to install to your existing speaker system, just parallel connect BATPRO2 with the existing speaker terminals.
BATPRO2 is high cost performance model, compare to the other high end super tweeters. It performs not only extending the bandwidth of speakers, but also improve clearness of vocal's voice especially female and feel affection of atmosphere of playing music instruments. But it sounds very natural, does not appeal(or push or assert) too much.

How to connect 

Parallel connect with BATPRO2 with existing speaker system.
It is also good to connect directly with the speaker output terminals of the amplifier.
In case of Bi-wiring terminals, connect with the tweeter terminal.
Maximum rate 35V
Impedance 8 ohms
Frequency Response 18kHz~150kHz or more
Maximum Output Sound Pressure 100dB/W/m( Selectable 5 stages)
Drive System  TAT-driver(Heil type bailiff polymer Pietro-electric driver)
Dimensions 125x90x100mm
Weight 260g


It has improved sound stage dramatically.
Very interesting, no sound, but improved the sound image, more dimensionally, increased information of back ground, softer sound! Still need to adjust it the best position..
BATPRO2 is reasonable price of such a kind of tweeter though, CD source improves depth of sound. It is quiet different its existing or nothing. Adjusting back and forward the tweeter to find the best position of it.
I enjoy high-resolution PC sound with USB-DAC, once it added this BATPRO2, the sound feeling became dramatically changing. Not only treble range extends, but also from bass to middle range changed good tonality. I'm not sure why it just added the super tweeter, but the sound quality graded up one step, two steps for all range..
Distinct design, high quality, lighter than expectation, but stable. percussion instruments, stringed instruments and vocal became vividly, extend more and more.. The middle range became transparency as well, especially sound field of percussion instruments is impressive!!
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