TAKET WHDPURE Woofer-Hi-Deffinitioner set

Excellent sound quality improvement effect, even without using a transformer

Since WHDPURE is transformless, it responds directly to music signals. Therefore, although the efficiency is low, the position of each music part and the time of occurrence of each sound become clear, even if it can not be heard by the human ear, same like the super tweeter which produces the effect in the high range, WHDPURE shows a great effect especially in the middle low range.
Just parallel connecting WHDPURE with main speaker system, then the sounds improve its dimension, polish and richness from Bottom of bass-range to middle range. It is not just increasing low range, but it feels like lively, breathing vividly and fresh. WHDPURE does not need to have a transformer for working, it just parallel connects with your speaker system.
Further more, to additional connect TAKET super tweeters with speaker system, you can enjoy total balanced live performance from bass range to treble range.

About connection with the main speaker

Just connect the + terminal of the main speaker and the + terminal of WHDPURE, connect the - terminal of the main speaker and the - terminal of WHDPURE. Since the flowing current is small, even a thin cable can get sufficiently good results.
For by-wiring connection, connect to the woofer speaker terminal by parallel.
Frequency Response 20Hz~15kHz
Efficiency 50dB/1m*2.83V
Capacitance 55nF
Impedance Infinity -150ohms (DC-20kHz)
Internal Series Connect Resistance 2k ohms(2W)
Dimensions 130x90x40mm
Weight 100g


Taket Whdpure! Bring real music in my room! 
Audio speaker, the more the size is large, the more the start dash is late and the pause/stop is slow too. What I have most discontented with audio until now is that why the bass drum attack sound and the sharp bass sound are not heard from the speaker just like the live sound. However, when TAKET.WHDPURE was connected, I could listen to the sound close to the real live sound. The use of WHDPURE does not increase the sense of volume of bass, though I can hear the initial sound to be played or beaten. Even if I listen to a cello, I hear a lot of rubbing sounds. That's because WHDPURE is a terribly good response, unlike dynamic speakers. As I think, the music signal enters the woofer and WHDPURE at the same time, WHDPURE has better response, so the sound coming out of it will reach the ear a little faster than woofer. After then, the basses from the woofer reach the ear. By doing so, you will get an illusion that the bass is fast. I thought that making an illusion is very important. Speaker technology has not changed so much, both in the past and now. I think that TAKET.WHDPURE is a very interesting product in that sense.
TAKET WHDPURE Woofer-Hi-Deffinitioner set
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