Aug-Line Terminator Line conditioner

Sound quality improving device using terminator element

Using the three terminator elements of the noise absorption / removal module which abundantly used gold, silver, platinum triple blend "Aug alloy" in the small aluminum case of W 105 mm x H 33 mm x D 68 mm and is wired with the highest quality single-track org line + α (alpha) PTFE coating wire.
Famous high end Japanese-Italian brand “Yamamura Crawly Limited”/Be Yamamura uses Aug-line cables and noise eliminators as OEM in their amplifiers, devices and speakers for supporting Yamamura sounds.
Use it in a form to be sandwiched between the amplifier and music player or CD player and D / A converter. Improve Signal/Noise ratio, improve information volume and sound field of whole bandwide. Because it will erase the noise, the muddiness of the sound disappears and it becomes clear and natural sound.
The line conditioner compactly gathered by the terminator element of the noise absorption / removal module of Aug-line and the highest grade single wire, just bypasses between the amp and the player, thus, compared with the difficulty that you must process and use the terminator element yourself, it is a nice device for those who are not good at hands or troublesome people.


Aug-Line Terminator Line conditioner
More natural and realistic sound
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