Bakoon Products AMP-5100JO Power amp OUTLET model

Universal type outlet limited original power amplifier

AMP-5100JO is an outlet original power amplifier that a power circuit board and a transformer of Bakoon small power amp SCA-7511MK3 are assembled to a main circuit board of Bakoon middle class power amp AMP-5521. It is completely outlet original model which will be not lined up in the future.
It is a great deal!!
By keeping the features of AMP-5521 as it is, down to 18W + 18W output, then Bakoon finished it as a product easy to use even for ordinary users. It is small in size and weighing is lighter by eliminating the heat sink. AMP-5100JO has a volume control, thus it can directly connect CD player, DAC, tablet or tuner then enjoy listening to the music like an integrated amplifier.
AMP-5100JO equips three voltage inputs and two current input, and also has an earphone input which AMP-5521 and AMP-7511A do not mount it.
Earphone, if you use an adaptor of standard size 6.3mm, AMP-5100JO can correspond to almost all impedance headphones.
AMP-5521 has an unique buffer circuit. Mounted SATRI-IC is highgrade UL type is smooth, luxury, fine, delicate.
Regular Bakoon Products products used two J - FETs as input buffers, but the AMP - 5521 consists of 12 bipolar transistors. In addition, as a result of thorough circuit configuration upgrading, inductance and stray capacitance are reduced, and as a result, bandwidth change is quiet small depending on the output level. With this, the depth of the sound is clearly understood, achieving a more realistic and solid sound quality.
Since AMP - 5100JO is a complete outlet - original that does not line up with the regular lineup using stock chassis, the chassis uses the old type thing, and parts of logo on the panels use the sticker. The front panel available only one black metallic and two brown color.
Bakoon Products AMP-5100JO Power amp OUTLET model
Limited OUTLET original power amplifier 
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