Bakoon Products SCA-7500JO OUTLET power amplifier


SCA-7500JO is outlet version of SCA-7500J(Price JPY160,000). The function and performance are completely same of SCA7500J.
The basic specification of the SCA - 7500J is the same as the limited model AMP - KUMAMOTO that received good reviews, but it is more stabilized product of the power circuit part. By doing this, we realized overwhelming low noise while maintaining the sound quality.
The input impedance is low, 1 kohm. It corresponds speaker impedance from 4ohms to 8ohms. Maximum output is 20W at 4ohms.
SCA7500J can be used as a headphone amp with the headphone input. Maximum output 18W+18W(8ohms) for good enough of listening to music at daily using. The weight is only 3.0kg for easy carrying. 
In order to reduce the price, instead of using expensive SATRI-IC, new design bais circuit which covers newest SATRI circuit and not affected by power supply voltage fluctuation. Besides stabilizing the bias current to the limit, reviewed the output stage that separated the signal current and the bias current.
It has only RCA input terminal, then you do not care for SATRI-LINK connection, and it is an attractive model that you can enjoy overwhelming reproduced sound of SATRI circuit with your preamp etc. It is also big advantage that SCA-7500J has a volume control for direct connection with a CD player and other music player without a preamplifier and enjoy listening to the musics.
Since it has an authentic headphone output, it is good to enjoy music without hesitation at midnight.
Output Speaker output 18W+18W(8ohms) / Headphone output(Standard jack)x1
Input Voltage input(RCA jack) 2lines
Input impedance 1kOhms
Gain control Volume(standard) / Metal Film Resistance ATT(option) / Noninductive Winging Resistance ATT(option)
Dimensions 80mm(H) x 240mm(W) x 300mm(D)
Weight 3.0Kg
*The power voltage is available from 100V to 240V/50,60Hz.
The front panel is a brown metallic panel that was used extensively until SCA - 7511 Mark3. Chassis are diverted from past products. For that reason, Bakoon has modified the display with a sticker and am correcting it.


商品コード: SCA-7500J
Bakoon Products SCA-7500JO OUTLET power amplifier
Play high-resolution sound with overwhelming information volume with margin
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