Bakoon Products SCA-7511MK4 OUTLET Power amp

MK4 circuit installed pre-outlet SCA-7511

SCA-7511 MK4 was designed, because the base parts that MK 3 is configuring are no longer available, and production has to be terminated. The 7511 MK4 has redesigned the circuit board design, and the new HIBIKI-IC is also added to SATRI-IC, so the information thickness and reality of the sound is increasing from the time of MK3. Even when it turns on the power, it quickly be ready in 30 seconds. Taking over the feature of the overwhelming amount of information of MK3, MK4 equipped with four newly developed impedance adjustment circuit for input and output and HBFBC. As a result, the amount of information is further increased, and SCA-7511 plays realistic sounds that sound like high-end classes, regardless of the entry model. It can also easy reproduce overwhelming amount of information of high-bit, high samplings data.
Even though SCA-7511MK4 is power amplifier, it is provided a volume control for direct connecting a CD player, tuner or the other to listen to musics.
Input is 2lines, output 15W+15W(8ohms), in addition it can be enjoy as real headphone amplifier.
It is "pre-outlet" of PRE-7610MK4 as the sucesser of PRE-7610MK3. PRE-7610MK4 will be on sale next year. Pre-outlet this time, MK4 circuit board installed MK3 chassis model is pre-selling for limited 10 units.  The reason of the name of MK "4" on the front panel is substituting sticker, Bakoon sells it with super discount at an outlet price for 10 units. It mounts high grade SATRI-IC UL type.
Speaker output:15W+15W(8ohms)
Headphone output: Standard plug x1
Input Voltage input(RCA terminla) x2
Gain control Volume(Standard)
Dimensions 78mm(H) x 235mm(W) x 295mm(D)
Weight 2.9Kg
Bakoon Products SCA-7511MK4 OUTLET Power amp
Pre-outlet power amplifier with new-generation circuit mounted on current chassis

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