SCL FIL-3102 Digital Noise Eliminator

SCL FIL-3102 Digital Noise Eliminator

Cut noise, get clearly, natural sound

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Another planet performance of noise eliminating filter for digital audio

SCL(Satri Circuit Laboratory) is former Bakoon Products that Japanese audio manufacture products famous SATRI-IC amplifier.
SCL digital noise eliminating filter FIL-3102 is a model that dramatically improved performance from current popular model FIL-3101. Both FIL-3102 and FIL-3101 set them up between a digital audio device and a headphone amplifier. It passes only audio signals and cuts harmful digital signals, then turbidity of sound is cleared and also it prevents the possibility that the high frequency digital signal interferes with the brain and damages health.
The precision of sound and localization improve dramatically. The turbidity of sound is cleared. FIL-3102 connects between digital audio player and an amplifier with a headphone jack/2RCA audio cable. It is good for smart phone, tablet or pc audio.
The background noise is eliminated, become silent background, clearly, rich sound. The biggest point, it allows you enjoy listening your downloaded music data with your pure audio system.
Measure headphone output with spectrum analyzer. When FIL-3101 is interposed, the line of frequency on the horizontal axis became beautifully flat, it means that there is no noise.
And this is new developed FIL-3102. It shows this flat line is far more extending than FIL-3101's one. It is about 100 times performance improvement compared with FIL-3101.

Improve sound accuracy and localization significantly

Cut digital noise, get clearly and natural sound!
Due to its low impedance, it cannot be used for vacuum tube amplifiers (except headphone amplifiers), but it is ideal for other amplifiers, smartphones, tablets, PCs and digital players. It dramatically improves the downloaded high-resolution sound.