Aug-line Horus NEO Power cable

The finest Horus NEO conductor power cable

It adopts a special stranded wire structure that can only be made by handmade, with signals of different material and thickness and length, separately for each band inside strictly shielded. Significant improvement of shieldings, great improvement such as reproducibility of mute part, S / N ratio, resolution, etc. is the biggest feature. For the cable part it uses plenty of "Aug-alloy" using gold and silver platinum abundantly. The overwhelming dark background, depth feeling, visibility is improved, and the resolution improves dramatically.
The power plug using gold, silver and platinum is brilliant and straight, it is useful for raising the Horus power cable of natural sound while having a strong energy feeling.
The length can be extended by 50 cm. The price will be 50 cm / 123,900 yen (tax excluded).
You can also choose a built-in terminator model that further increases transparency and feeling in addition to the noise absorption effect.


It is the impression of the Aug-line yesterday. (Compared with SCE-45S)
1) Tone is warm ... "Lucifer" sounds a little cool.
2) Sound pressure is rising ... Evidence that good materials are used.
  It is an important point that this part keeps previewing.
3) I feel a lot of numbers of syllables ... The number itself is equivalent to SCE-45S
4) Feeling a slight lightness at the sound thickness and the core of the sound, and "realilty" is a little bit light.
 ・・・Since it has been improved according to familiarity, how far will it get better? I am looking forward to it.
While the sound image is somewhat larger than Valhalla 2, it is a deeper sound image with three-dimensional, the sense of temperature is raised, the subduction of the low range is deep, the low range slightly loose gives a bulging and magnificent feeling. Valhalla 2 somewhat dominates the sense of precision and the speed of sound that can be seen in detail, but in Aug-line, it sounds more loud and more vibrant in the sound. Also, if Valhalla 2 is a sound field with transparency, the Aug - line is a bit dense and deeper, As the space is almost the same, the sound field spreads even ahead of the speaker, and the music sounds with lively dynamics with a realistic sound image, while listening, the feeling of emotion is rising naturally, then it is feeling pulled into the stage.
Although the difference in S / N ratio which is said to be overwhelming, the volume feeling of the low range is improved greatly, at the same time the goodness of the rising momentum of the sound which stands out conspicuously combined with the high SN gives the feeling of dynamic to the music. The feeling of depth improved greatly, the feeling of the sound field of the up and down and the left and right was slightly improved, and it seems to say that there are no negative factors at the present time at all. Or, just wondering what is the hobby of audio that changes so far with just a single power cable? The sound changed at such a level that even such a fundamental question raised, I was overwhelmed by honest joy and puzzle....
In many cases, I think that measures to raise the S/N ratio is to replace the sense of feeling and taste of the music being impaired, and coupled with personal preferences, I have not taken measures to consciously raise S/N ratio. However, by improving the S / N ratio introduced by the power cable this time, it became possible to hear the emotions richly in vocal and dialogue words, if it does not spoil the taste part, I have come to think that high S/N is a thoroughly pursuing thing in audio hobby;) HORUS power cable is very soft cable handling is very easy. I think this is also a remarkable thing as a high-end cable. Well, although it has become content which is close to compliment or praise, it is actually awesome, so it can not be helped:) I think that it is gem that boasts undisputed performance, but at the same time it is a cable that has no habit of changing the character greatly except for the height of S/N ratio to be noted, it is difficult to create negative comments.


Aug-line Horus NEO Power cable
Effects that other accessories can not handle, overall purity rises, drawing out fine quality
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