Yamamoto Sound Craft V groove base 2 pieces set

Setting base which processed precious wood with high accuracy

VB-25 / VB-18 is a completely new structure setting base. Applications can obtain great damping effect with various products such as amplifier, CD player, speaker etc.
Both VB-25 and VB-18 are made of ebony, consisting of two parts, upper and lower. The lower part is a quadrangular prism type and a V-shaped groove is cut. The upper part is a triangular prism shape, use it downwards and the apex of the triangle comes into contact with the groove part of the lower part. When putting an actual speaker etc., both the surface that comes into contact with the speaker and the surface that contacts the floor are flattened. And the contact part becomes linear, it becomes difficult to vibrate by the weight of the speaker. Compared with the general pinpoint base, it is excellent in stability, vibration is moderately suppressed, and installation is easy. The effect will be improved in the direction that the powerfulness will increase, enriching the reproduction sound.
The ebony wood is a kind called Macarthur Ebony from Southeast Asia. It has a specific gravity of about 1.1 and is heavy, it is characterized by its high effect of suppressing vibration because it is hard. Since it is actually used for neck of high-end guitar etc, its acoustic characteristics are top notch.
One pair is used for the amplifier and the CD player, and two pairs are used for the speaker. When using it for an amplifier or CD player, it is not used under the base that is attached to the main unit, but it installs on the high-strength portion of both sides of the bottom plate. VB-25 is 25 cm in length, but since it is excellent in stability, it can be used for large - sized and heavy - weight amplifiers as much as 40 cm in depth. The set direction of the base is standard in the anteroposterior direction, but it can also be used in the left / right direction. Please try it and use it with the better result. 
Compared to the spike base, the load applied to the support part is reduced, so the load capacity can be increased, the VB-25 is 60kg, the VB-18 is 40kg.
Applicable products: speaker system, amplifier, digital recorder, CD player, analog player, etc.
Material Southeast Asia produced Macarthur ebony
ViB-25: 35(W)x33(H)x250(D)mm
VB-18: 25(W)x27(H)x180(D)mm

Load bearing capacity

VB-25: 60kg
VB-18: 40kg
VB-25: 320g
VB-18: 120g
* This product is sold in two pieces. For use with speakers, two pairs are required. 


To say that it is suitable for large SP, this time I listened to music by laying it under a small 2 way. When exchanging from the reference metal insulator to VB-15, a rich taste is added to the sound, resolution, sharpness, richness are not damaged at all, it turns into a sound that is easy to listen to. There is no resonance like metal, nevertheless it does not mean that it can not support the body firmly like a soft material. It should be said to be a unique expression of hardwood. From the price, it can be said to be an incredible high-grade insulator.
*audio accessories
Yamamoto Sound Craft V groove base 2 pieces set
Besides speakers, it is effective for supporting amplifiers, players, etc.
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