FAL Supreme S C40ES Desk top speaker

Full-model changed high performance small full range speaker

The former Supreme S C40 has been reborn as "Supreme S C40ES" which made the new enclosure design and new materials.
In the former S C 40, the enclosure was made mainly of 15 mm thickness MDF material and 1.3 liters capacity. Supreme S C40ES adopted a 25 mm thickness birch material for the baffle to increase the overall rigidity with 2.3 liters capacity and further adopted a cotton coated 7N copper wire for the internal wiring material, then the sound quality is improved and the sound resolution has further increased. 
The reputed driver unit FLAT C40 has a small diaphragm size of 40 (width) x 50 (height) mm, so it is a small full range of 6 to 7 cm class when converted to cone type. The newborn S C40ES makes it possible to embed this flat driver in the enclosure, eliminating irregularities on the surface and flat the surface. It has evolved into a near field speaker of high quality sound specification with sophisticated design by the enclosure making use of the curved surface.
The grill for protecting the diaphragm adopts detachable type with magnets installed. Since polarity is matched to the magnet used for the unit, it acts in a better direction to the sound quality to be reproduced. 
The driver unit is made of high-strength lightweight special foam material to suppress resonance noise, a thick and rugged aluminum frame, double edge for firmly supporting diaphragm, a powerful neodymium magnet which can obtain a large braking force, rectangular voice coil and rib structure..Upper-class C90 and C60e technologies were adopted, based on the common tone, the volume of the low range is modest, in the mid-high range, it features the delicacy unique to small caliber. Compare to the conventional C40 unit, it changes the voice coil lead wire to a softer one and changes the installation method of the terminal, then the smoother operation was realized.
Frequency response 80Hz~20kHz(-10dB)
Efficiency 82dB/2.83V/1m
Dimensions H250×W120×D125/180mm
C40 87(H)×78(W)×40(D)mm
Weight 2.2kg
It is available 5 types of enclosure. For mahogany, Guibourtia, Walnut, and aslo piano painted black and white.
In addition, grain type can also specify shading.
FAL Supreme S C40ES Desk top speaker
Beautifully reborn high sound quality near field speaker
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