Yamamoto Sound Craft Capacitor with ebony case

Measure improvement of sound quality by damping effect

Capacitor with ebony case was conventionally used inside Yamamoto Sound craft amplifier, but since its sound quality improvement effect is great, they decided to start general sale for homebrew audio enthusiasts this time .
Yamamoto Sound got a hint from polycarbonate capacitor and tried production of a capacitor casing with various materials. As a result, it was found that African ebony case used for musical instrument gets the best sound. Place a film capacitor that is greatly affected by sound quality by vibrating in a robust ebony case with high damping effect and filled with the most excellent epoxy resin such as electric characteristics and strength. By this, the resonance of the capacitor element by the music signal was suppressed, and the sound quality improved greatly.
For the capacitor element with ebony case, excellent in manufacturing technology of film capacitor, in comparison with other companies, it has adopted a polypropylene capacitor made by Dearborn (Dearborn) in the USA of the best sound quality. It mainly adopts 735P type polypropylene capacitor. This 735P type can handle large ripple current when used for power supply circuits and so on, and features fast current response. Of course, when it is used as a coupling capacitor, it shows low distortion rate.
We will sell four types of capacitor with ebony case, It is recommended to use 0.47 μF and 1 μF for the coupling capacitor of the amplifier, 10 μF for the cathode bypass capacitor of the vacuum tube amplifier, 2 μF as the filter capacitor of the power supply. If a chemical capacitor is used as a filter capacitor in your current amplifier, it is effective even if it is used in parallel with the capacitor. If it is possible to configure the filter capacitor of the power supply with only the ebony capacitor, the effect will be greatest. Although coupling capacitors also have an effect, we recommend you to use them in the power supply circuit. You can realize that the sound changes so much depending on the power supply circuit.
0.47μF 400V
Diameter :19.5mm
Length :28mm
Lead wire diameter :0.8mm
Length : approx 48mm
1,400 yen / 1piece
1μF 400V
Diameter :24mm
Length :40mm
Lead wire diameter :1.2mm
Length :approx 48mm
2,200 yen / 1 piece
10μF 100V
Diameter :28mm
Length :45mm
Lead wire diameter :1.2mm
Length : approx 52mm
2,600 yen / 1 piece
2μF 400V
Diameter :32mm
Length :50mm
Lead wire diameter :1.2mm
Length : approx 52mm
2,800 yen / 1 piece
Yamamoto Sound Craft Capacitor with ebony case
Difference in power supply circuit
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