Bakoon Products CAP-1001 Small Power amplifier

Wanna enjoy the best sound even in small room!

Bakoon Products produced a CAP series that provides high quality music life with a snug fit in a narrow space. In a small room that is distracted to the neighborhood, SATRI circuit technology of Bakoon Products has been devoted to reproducing all music information even at low volume. The maximum output of CAP-1001 is set to 6W. Because, in the limited near field space, when the distance from the speaker is within 1 meter to 3 meters, when using a general speaker (efficiency of about 80dB to about 90dB), the output of the amplifier is calculated from 1 W to 3 W is enough.

Non Negative Feed Back MOS-FET

The amplifier section is composed of a non-negative feedback voltage amplifier circuit for current mode amplification and a complementary MOS-FET push-pull output stage that drives the speaker. The general amplifier uses negative feedback / about 50 mA, while the CAP-1001 uses a powerful newly developed SATRI circuit with non-negative feedback / 150 to 200 mA. In fact, you can drive large speakers easily while saying that it is for near-field use. It seems to be quite excellent even if it is used as a guitar amp, and famous musicians are accompanied by tours of overseas performances.
Since you can control the GAIN (volume), you can enjoy music by directly connecting the CD player and DAC without going through the preamplifier. The input terminal has two lines of RCA terminal on the back and phone jack on the front panel. Since input of the front panel can connect mobile player, smartphone, etc., as soon as you got home, then connected to CAP - 1001, you can enjoy high-quality, high-resolution music as you wish.
Since the CAP - 1001 also has a headphone jack, it can also be used as a headphone amplifier. Also, when listening to music with headphones, it is set that the volume emitted from the speaker will be small.
DC power supply is adopted as power source supply of CAP series doubling as portable property and noise countermeasure. CAP-1001 requires 24VDC for power amp, but you can use it outdoors if you can use a 24V battery. If battery is used, it will show the best performance without being influenced by noise.
Maximum output
6W+6W(1% distorted)、8W+8W(10% distorted)
Distortion factor(1KHz) 0.01W:0.04%, 0.1W:0.04%, 1W:0.1%
 Signal/Noise Ratio -111dB (It does not change with gain)
Frequnecy response 5Hz~50KHz(-3dB)
Phase characteristics 45°(50KHz)
Dimensions W130 x H45 x D180 mm
Weight 500g
Power 24V1A DC
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Item review

The fine texture description of the orchestra, the excellent low-end elasticity, the richness of gradation are beyond the limits of small amplifiers. Good focus, sharp attack feeling of piano and brass instruments,The depiction of the vocalist mouth that is elasticity and moisturized also makes it appear vividly. Good separation and realistic sound. Headphone output is confirmed with Sennheiser HD 600. Even a high impedance type can be driven without difficulty. Good sound separation, straight sound quality, and dimensional description without incidental feeling. Next, when adding the CAP-1007 preamplifier, the height of the SN that is unique to battery operation stands out, and a straightforward and highly transparent sound that seems to be a non-negative feedback configuration spreads in the foreground. The ability to carefully trace the texture of the sound image and the good visibility of the sound field can be said to be a quality that beyonds the price.
Bakoon Products CAP-1001 Small Power amplifier
CAP series pursuing the best sound in near field!!
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