Bakoon Products CAP-1007 Small preamplifier

Wanna enjoy the best sound even in small room!

Bakoon Products produced a CAP series that provides high quality music life with a snug fit in a narrow space. In a small room that is distracted to the neighborhood, SATRI circuit technology of Bakoon Products has been devoted to reproducing all music information even at low volume. CAP-1007 is an amplifier that selects a lot of audio signals, such as TV, CD player, DVD player, tuner, mobile player, smartphone, etc., and adjusts the volume. It is an essential amp for those who have many sources to listen to with audio devices, and it is troublesome to change wiring each time.

Non Negative Feed Back line control

The output uses the powerful buffer amplifier HBFBC to suppress the deterioration of the sound as much as possible. Relays used for signal selection have a mechanical life of over 100 million times. The frequency characteristics are guaranteed up to the MHz band, so there is no signal degradation. If the distortion changes due to the change in frequency, you may feel coloring or some kind of habit of the sound, but with CAP-1007 there is almost no change in distortion from 20Hz to 50KHz. This shows how CAP-1007 is a straightforward sound without coloring.

Enriched input line

There are six inputs and input signals are switched with INPUT SELECTOR. INPUT 1 to 4 are RCA terminals on the back, INPUT 5 and 6 are phone jacks on the front and rear panels respectively. The front panel phone jack is convenient when connecting signals from mobile devices such as smartphones.
If the gain of the power amplifier is maximized, the volume of the speaker can be controlled with the preamplifier. By placing a CD player, DVD player and CAP-1007 at hand, it is convenient to switch music sources and control the volume at hand.

Shut out noise with battery power supply

USB power charger for mobile and mobile battery can be used for power supply. Since the current consumption is 5V 250mA, it can be used for 40 hours with a 10AH battery. If you use a mobile battery, it will not be affected by noise etc, so you can operate CAP-1007 in its best condition.

New face !!

It became a new face. The CAP series uses general-purpose exterior parts in order to keep the price down, but this time by integrating the knob with advanced grade products, it is  aiming to improve the appearance quality and unity as Bakoon Products. ..
MaxImum output
8V(1% distorted)
Distortion factor(1KHz) 4V:0.03%
Signal / Noise ratio  -120db(GAIN 0db)
Frequency response 20Hz~400KHz
Phase characteristics 0°(20KHz), 45°(400KHz)
Dimensions W130 x H45 x D180 mm
Weight 470g
Power 5V250mA DC
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Item review

I auditioned the battery-powered preamplifier CAP-1007 as a single unit, with a high Signal / Noise ratio that surpasses that of a super-high class preamplifier, the sound quality is extremely outstanding! It has a natural texture with no coloration, a wide dynamic range and a wide frequency range, and it is an incredible real sound that stretches clearly from a large signal to a weak signal. The power amplifier CAP-1001 has a low input impedance of about 10K ohms, so if you use a sound source device that uses an operational amplifier IC in the output circuit, the drive capacity is often cannot be fully demonstrated. However, when the CAP-1007 with high input impedance and high drive capability is interposed, the sound quality changes completely, and there is an instantaneous force, and the sound is stretched and stretched. In addition, the sound is clear and very vivid. The speaker used 8 ohms and efficiency 91dB / W / 1m KEFQ950, but because of the soft distortion characteristics, the volume was so high that I couldn't imagine a 6W / ch amplifier. The CAP series is a masterpiece demonstrating that high-quality sound can be achieved even with a small, lightweight, and low-cost amplifier.
* MJ magazine


Bakoon Products CAP-1007 Small preamplifier
CAP series pursuing the best sound in near field!!
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