Bakoon Products CAP-1004 Multi Phono equalizer

Wanna explore the deep world of analog discs!

Bakoon Products produced a CAP series that provides high quality music life with a snug fit in a narrow space.
CAP-1004 is a multi-curve phono equalizer amplifier developed to make it possible to reproduce vintage analog disc more correctly. The biggest feature is to use six different equalizer curves and enjoy the vintage discs in your collection.
On vinyl disks before 1960, not only the current standard equalizer curve RIAA curve, but also various equalizer curves were mixed. CAP-1004 is an equalizer amplifier equipped with the six curves of NAB, COLUMBIA, FFRR, AES, OLD RCA of the old equalizer curve including the standard RIAA now. CAP-1004 was developed to allow easy reproduction of the original sound from the old analog disc with different equalizer curve. 
In addition to switching MM and MC cartridges, the CAP - 1004 can switch the gain of the equalizer to four levels depending on the cartridge to be used. Use an MC cartridge with a small output voltage at 0dB and -30dB for a high output cartridge with an output voltage exceeding 10mV. When switching the equalizer curve, even if the 1KHz gain switches EQ, the sound variation is designed to be within 0.3dB, it is convenient to check the change of sound by switching the curve. By making it mute, it is possible to suppress the occurrence of noise by switching each selector, replacing the cartridge or cleaning the stylus tip.

Shut out noise with battery power supply

USB power charger for mobile and mobile battery can be used for power supply. Since the current consumption is 5V 250mA, it can be used for 40 hours with a 10AH battery. If you use a mobile battery, it will not be affected by noise etc, so you can operate CAP-1004 in its best condition.

New face !!

It became a new face. The CAP series uses general-purpose exterior parts in order to keep the price down, but this time by integrating the knob with advanced grade products, it is  aiming to improve the appearance quality and unity as Bakoon Products. ..
Maxmum output 8V(1% distorted)
Distortion factor (1KHz)
 Signal / Noise ratio -134db(GAIN 0db)
Gain 0db(72db), -10db(66db), -20db(59db), -30db(51db)
Frequency Response 20Hz~50KHz
EQ error ±0.3dB
Dimensions W130 x H45 x D180 mm
Weight 480g
Power 5V250mA DC
*Depending on availability, it will take a time from the scheduled shipping date.
EQ curve
EQ error


Bakoon Products CAP-1004 Multi Phono equalizer
CAP series pursuing the best sound in near field!!
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