Bakoon Products CAP-1003 Small headphone amp

A headphone amplifier that fits in your palm!

Bakoon Products produced a CAP series that provides high quality music life with a snug fit in a narrow space. 
CAP-1003 is a very small headphone amplifier of only 75 g (W) x 30 (H) x 100 (D) mm. It is designed to obtain a high quality tone by pure Class A operation on the output stage, so you can fully enjoy not only music but also movie sounds.
Since CAP-1003 is a non-feedback amplifier, it has extensive frequency characteristics and excellent transient characteristics. By inputting the headphone terminal output of smartphone, tablet, mobile music player, etc., it reduces the distortion by lightening the load of the player's headphone output, and its signal is driven by the headphone with new developed IC "HBFBC" mounted output circuit. 
Like other CAP series, the power supply can be supplied from + 5V, USB or mobile battery. Since there is a large capacity mobile battery such as 10000 mAH, it can operate sufficiently without limiting the operating current much. Internally ± 5 V, stable operation. There are two inputs, RCA and TRS/phone Jack, which can be selected with the front input serecter switch.
The noise is 0.0011 mV and the S / N ratio is -119.2 db.
The noise characteristic of the output circuit combined with HBFBC is excellent, and it will not produce turbidity in the reproduced sound even at low volume.
In addition, since it strongly drives headphones with low impedance, you can listen fine sound clearly due to synergy with low noise.
The picture shows the -3 db frequency is 3.28 MHz. The phase and frequency characteristics are flat at 100 kHz. Frequency characteristics are broadband, so square wave reproduction is also beautiful.
Distortion factor(1KHz) 1mW: 0.009%
Signal / Noise ratio -120dB(GAIN 0dB)
Frequency response 20Hz~1MHz(-3db)
Phase characteristics 0°(100KHz), 45°(10MHz)
Dimensions W75 x H30 x D100 mm
Weight 180g
Power 5V0.7A DC
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Bakoon Products CAP-1003 Small headphone amp

CAP series pursuing the smallest but best sound!

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