Yamamoto Sound 8cm full range speaker YS-08TQ set

High-performance 8 cm full-range special horn speaker system

YS-08TQ is an audio and AV high-quality speaker system that uses a high-performance 8 cm full-range speaker unit.
The special horn type method called TQWT is adopted as a speaker box, and a small but powerful high-quality sound is realized. A wood horn is a thing which enlarges the sound which came out of a speaker using a horn effect, and makes small volume loud without impairing sound quality. Yamamoto Sound Craft has designed a system that produces as high sound quality as possible with a small speaker system, using its horn speaker manufacturing technology.
The TQWT method adopted for the YS-08 TQ speaker attaches the speaker unit in the middle of the tapered sound path, the sound emitted from the back of the speaker unit is efficiently amplified and used by the horn effect, it is a method of gaining output level, and its sound quality is clear sound with the characteristics of horn speaker. The company has experience in manufacturing Woodhorn, make improvements such as attaching a radius to the corner in the sound path, a smooth playback band has been realized by eliminating the runaway of the mid-bass range that tends to be a problem in the TQWT system. The cut-off frequency of the TQWT horn is designed to be 90Hz, and it has succeeded in reproducing almost flat for frequencies above 100Hz. This frequency is the same as the value of f0 of the unit, and with a small-diameter unit, reproduction of the bass region below this is impossible, and it can be said that it is just the optimal frequency range.

Adopt original unit made by famous AMM Lab

The unit is small with an 8 cm diameter, but is finely tuned to get the best quality. The unit design is an original unit dedicated to Yamamoto Sound by AMM Labs, who is said to have no one can surpass them in the small unit design.
Corn paper has a titanium coating on the pulp-based lightweight cone, and uses a rubber-based flexible convex edge with little aging. It has a powerful magnetic circuit and a highly efficient output sound pressure level even though it is a small unit. Because the diameter is small, the treble range can secure a sufficient output level up to 16kHz, then one unit covers the full band range.

The material of the enclosure is 12mm thick birch plywood from Hokkaido, which has a reputation for good sound. High strength material with high density and specific gravity of about 0.7. Clear sound quality is obtained because the sound is beautiful. Plywood with almost the same material as this is also famous for being used in the old Tannoi autograph. The sound of the sound ultimately determines the quality of the sound. There are two types of finishes available: high-quality urethane clear finish and black finish.
The speaker terminal is banana plug compatible and uses a screw-tight strong terminal. A wide range of cables from thin cables to thick cables can be supported.
Model Full range special horn speaker system
Speaker unit Titanium coated AMM Labo 8cm unit
Enclosure material 12mm thick birch plywood
Output pressure level 89dB/1W/1m
Maximum input 10W
Impedance 4ohms
Frequency response 100Hz~16kHz
Dimensions 114(W) 300(D) 600(H)mm
Weight 3.2kg


The YS-08TQ speaker system is compact with a width of 114 mm, so it can be installed anywhere. Of course, it can be used in combination with a personal computer. If you connect this unit to a personal computer, the merits of sound quality improvement are great. The high efficiency is as high as 89 dB, so it is nice to be able to drive even a tube amplifier with a small output. Even with the Yamamoto standard power amplifier, the 45 single-amplifier A-08S with 2 W output, you can get almost satisfactory volume. The impedance of the speaker is 4ohms, but it can be used without any problem by connecting it to the 8 ohms terminal. For D class digital amplifiers, which are increasing in recent digital devices, having an impedance of 4Ω may be a considerable advantage.


Yamamoto Sound 8cm full range speaker YS-08TQ set
High performance 8cm full range speaker system


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