TRI PHONIC Evangelist-102V2 Bookshelf Speaker set

Reality and high quality that surpasses large size high-end speakers

Even with a large size high-end speaker system, the reproduction sound is clearly different from that of live music. The difference is especially true for high-volume sources such as classical music. Why does such a problem occur? What is missing? The answer is clear. It is due to lack of sound power, and the direct cause is the strength of the diaphragm itself. The speaker has a long history, due to various reasons for commercialization, a thin and flexible diaphragm is usually used for the speaker unit. With a hard and strong diaphragm, it will be hard and it will be a tiring sound.
TRI PHONIC Evangelist-102V2 uses original developed ultra-high rigidity cone with a large reinforcing beam. High resolution, fresh and lively texture, yet elegant sound quality. Massive, high-speed sound quality is also a gem of charm. Not to mention the massive sound such as the heavy sound of the grand piano and the thick resonance of the strings, but the lively vocal with flesh texture, the orchestra has a good freshness without turbidity, and also there is no loud feeling and the sound image is outstanding. Although it is a thick sound that does not make you feel the hardness, the attack sound is very sharp, and it is finished to HiFi that can not be considered from the conventional common sense.
A&C audio has conducted many years of trial and error on the reinforcing structure and damping treatment of the diaphragm. Although it takes time and cost, they were able to solve the problem of the sound hardness with advanced technology. Even a sound source with a large number of sounds, such as an orchestra, does not become turbid, and it is possible to reproduce a low-distortion, clear sound without clutter, yet it has a vivid and beautifully reproduced sound with power, flesh texture and speed.  Furthermore, the reality of a sound stage and a sound image is also pursued by the uni transient system which emphasized the transient response and the phase characteristic, and the strict damping treatment of the cabinet.
Although the Evangelist-102V2 is a small bookshelf speaker in appearance, its overwhelming sound power and sense of scale seem to be astonishingly surpassing conventional large high-end systems. The liveliness of the sound and the solid presence of the feet on the ground reproduce the true taste of the live music. And you can enjoy the musical world, immersed in the inspiring virtual reality.
System 2way Bass reflex, uni transient system
Woofer 10cm Carbide diaphragm
Tweeter 25mm ring radiator system
Regeneration band 40Hz~20kHz
Input resistant 30W(RMS)
Cross over 3kHz
Efficiency 84dB/2.83Vm
Speaker terminal Fully nonmagnetic, gold plated banana terminal compatible
High density birch laminated material
+Powerful damping by X-Damper
Dimensions W17cmD23cmH34cm(Not including the protrusion)

Carbide diaphragm 10cm woofer unit

Super high rigidity cone using large reinforced beam. The target value of the cemented carbide diaphragm is that it "takes out of the band due to low-order resonance". In Evangelist-102, the diaphragm rigidity is raised so that a division vibration becomes 3 kHz or more by 3 kHz crossover. The newly developed Version 2 has even lower distortion and has a unique, clear, high-resolution, three-dimensional effect despite its soft sound. It has a high-resolution, fresh flesh texture, and is also massive and high-speed sound quality. It is a gem of sound quality full of charm at the same time as being super HiFi.
The 25mm tweeter is a ring radiator system with a natural sound quality with little distortion. A low distortion, clear sound quality woofer has a suitable quality.

Uni transient system cabinet

Focusing on transient response and phase characteristics, it performs time alignment of woofer and tweeter. Along with natural sound quality, it reproduces realistic sound image and sound field feeling like 3D image. The strict vibration control of the cabinet also pursues the reality of the sound stage and sound image. High-SN bass reflex duct with large flare and reduced airflow noise. A similar flare is mounted on the inside of the cabinet.
A small cabinet with a very large amount of information in the unit, X-Damper, a damping material developed exclusively by the A&C audio, is used inside the cabinet to suppress box noise. X-Damper is a high-performance vibration control device that consists of independent mass parts and vibration absorption parts on the same principle as building vibration control. There is a damping effect from the very low frequency of about 100Hz, and it removes the accompanying sound of the speaker Box's inherent booming sound and unit frame noise, and contributes to an accurate, clear, smooth, high SN sound quality.

Highend network

Peerlessly high-grade network "NMS(Network Module System)" mounted. Precious impedance correction circuit, baffle step correction circuit and knee characteristic fine adjustment, such kinds of advanced network circuits are build-in it. Internal wiring uses high quality fine multifilamentary wires. The condenser is a polypropylene film capacitor(Solen) only, ultra-high grade Trinity coil gave high resolution and smoother tonality. Resistors also use multiple acid gold resistors in parallel, and are getting low-distortion and thick sound quality.
The case is resin dipped vibration damping package. It eliminates turbidity of sound and contributes to noiseless and silent background.

Sound absorbing material is feather

It is 100% filled with lighter and precise luxury feathers. Eliminate squeaking sounds in the cabinet with powerful sound absorbing. Small cabinet, but open air sound likes a backload type speaker.

Handcraft, made in Yokohama

Handcraft one by one carefully in A&C audio factory. Perform measurement test recording of frequency characteristics and impedance characteristics to completed products, then burn-in it and sound quality checking and numbering before delivery.
All speaker products which contain magnets are shipped by Fedex.
TRI PHONIC Evangelist-102V2 Bookshelf Speaker set
Realistic sound image and sound field
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