Solid Aug-Line USB cable

Famous high end Japanese-Italian brand “Yamamura Crawly Limited”/Be Yamamura uses Aug-line cables and noise eliminators as OEM in their amplifiers, devices and speakers for supporting Yamamura sounds.

USB cable with thorough noise measures

The company's digital cable "Solid Augline USB Cable" will be sold separately. The conductor is a 4-core twisted digital cable made by using “Aug-line + Pt”, which is a triple blend of high purity platinum, gold and silver, with the ideal balance for the conductor.
It uses PTFE, which has excellent properties among Teflon, as the insulating material that greatly affects the sound quality.
The insulation material is the most excellent characteristic Teflon PTFE.
The structure is based on USB2.0 standard. The shield is aluminum polyester and braided shield, double structure with drain wire for noise measure. The metal and insulating material is not included RoHS commend substance.
The connecter of supplied USB A, B type plug are gold plated to prevent transmission loss.
Not as much as Solid Augline USB Special Edition, here too, the sound from the PC sounds glossy, and the depth and three-dimensional effect are wonderful.The cost performance is quite high considering the price difference with USB-SE.
Although high-end USB cables are all poorly handled, this cable is great for good handling and soft. I felt that it became a wide range without any peculiarity. It can be recommended as a cable with good handling and good sound.


Solid Aug-Line USB cable
Platinum, Gold&Silver blended high-end USB cable
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