ASTOR TO-KT88KGIN Multi input Power amplifier

Power amp with improved functionality by increasing input terminals

The TO-KT88KGIN is a power amplifier jointly designed by Exclusive Audio and ASTOR. This amp is designed to meet the needs of people who do not listen to records but want to control multiple players with one like a pre-main amp. Since the phono equalizer function is omitted, it contributes to significant cost reduction.
Products made by carefully selected materials with outstanding technology, boasting beautiful appearance, abundant information volume and high purity sound. The internal parts of the amplifier use carefully selected parts as well as the high-end model, and it is finished as an amplifier that plays high-quality sound similar to the high-end model beyond the price. ASTOR's noise processing and transparency-free original sound reproduction inherited from advanced models, it combines the generosity that sounds well in any genre.
By expanding the input of the power amplifier to three connections, devices such as a CD player, a tuner, a smartphone and a tablet can be connected to the multi and can be used like a pre-main amplifier. Of course, you can use more various ways by connecting pre-amplifier.
It has a self-biasing function, you can easily replace and enjoy compatible output vacuum tubes. ASTOR uses capacitors with an order of magnitude of 8000 micro, as opposed to 200 to 300 micro self-biasing capacitors used by general manufacturers. In this way, the sound is expressed well even with the small volume.
Vacuum tube KT88 x4, 12AX7 x2, 12AU7 x2
Transformer KMB280M/H30-0629T x1, KA-6635PT x2
Output 20W x 20W, UL connection, self bais
Input CD, LINE 1, LINE 2
Input impedance 100k ohms
Frequency response 10Hz~60kHz
Residual noise 1mmV or less /1W
Dimensions W370 x H150 x D300mm
Weight Approximately 11.5kg
*Due to build-to-order manufacturing, it may take about a month or more for delivery time.
The output tubes can also be selected from KT66, 6550, 6CA7, 350B.


ASTOR TO-KT88KGIN Multi input Power amplifier
Main amplifier without flat amplifier function
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