ASTOR AS-6L6GCsBT Single power amplifier

ASTOR Skills at a low price!

Products made by carefully selected materials with outstanding technology, boasting beautiful appearance, abundant information volume and high purity sound. The internal parts of the amplifier use carefully selected parts as well as the high-end model, and it is finished as an amplifier that plays high-quality sound similar to the high-end model beyond the price. 
AS-6L6 GCsBT is a small volume production amplifier series. The chassis is a low-priced product with a limited number of units using a 5052 aluminum alloy 1.2mm thick, 1.6mm thick and 2mm thick respectively. Transformers, while suppressing the price of the original transformer as much as possible, the sound quality is similar to that of a luxury model by a famous transformer manufacturer.
Independent volume control is attached, even without a preamplifier, you can directly connect to a CD player, a smartphone, a tablet, etc. and enjoy the high-quality music of 6L6 GC vacuum tube sound easily.
Vacuum tube 6L6GC x2, 12AX7 x2
Transformaer H-2110 x1, H1972 x2, H-1978 x1
Input impedance 100k ohms
Frequency response 10Hz~50kHz
Residual noise 1mmV or less /1W
Input 1
Output UL connection: Self bias 4W x 4W
Dimensions W330 x H160 x D300mm
Power 100V/50,60Hz
Weight Approximately 8kg
*Due to build-to-order manufacturing, it may take about a month for delivery time.
The power voltage is also available from 100V to 240V.
ASTOR AS-6L6GCsBT Single power amplifier
An amplifier that plays high-quality music that is similar to high-end models despite its low price
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