ASTOR TO-EQ88GT Tube MM Phono Equalizer

Heresy equalizer amplifier using output beam tube

Add two more beam tubes to the ASTOR beam tube phono equalizer TO-EQ88ST, which was created with the playful feeling of "If you use a powerful output beam tube for the equalizer?" It is the TO-EQ88GT. Also, the input has been increased to three and usability has been improved. Also, the input terminal has been increased to three and usability has been improved.
From the conclusion, it is completely different type from the company 's preamp. By using the output tube, the feeling that the sound rises very quickly and rises at a stretch is not comparable with other amps, Mr. Kanesa himself expresses it as "It might be a little intense and may feel uncomfortable for fans familiar with ASTOR's preamps and equalizers". The sound coming out of this powerful output tubes are finished in original sound without blurring, extremely dynamic, clearly, fresh, totally firm and solid sounds with huge sound field. This punchy equalizer amplifier that the company itself is enjoying for a moment may be the best dish for those who feel that the equalizer and step-up transformer so far are unsatisfactory. Since self-bias is adopted, KT88 tube which is compatible with 6550, 350B, KT66 etc. it can be freely exchanged according to your preference.
The TO series chassis is made by using 2 kinds of chassis with 2 mm thick alumite processed alumite and 2 mm thick 52S alloy aluminum material for parts attachment material. Also a combination of aluminum material and rubber material is used for the base. It is pursuing good sound quality by carefully selecting and using circuit parts and chassis mounting parts. Further high sound quality is realized by making the internal structure into two levels.
Vacuum tube KT88 x2, 6SL7 x4
Transformer Hashimoto PT-100 x1, H2274 x1
Input MC1, MC2, MC3
Impedance 47K ohms
Output 2
Frequency response 10Hz~70kHz
Residual noise 1mmV or less
Voltage 100V/50,60Hz
Dimensions W390 x H140 x D300mm
Weight Approximately 8kg
*The item price is including customized cost for 110V-240V transformer for abroad.
**It will be made to order, we may get your time on delivery for about a month.


ASTOR TO-EQ88GT Tube MM Phono Equalizer
Distinctive equalizer amplifier made from the playfulness of the designer!
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