Bakoon Products HDA-5210mk4 OUTLET Headphone amp

Outlet model of MK4 equipped with newly developed IC

From the HDA-5210mk3, which was developed for the purpose of sounding headphones with the highest sound quality, this is an outlet model equipped with the MK4 circuit, which has undergone further evolution, in the chassis of the mk3. With the addition of the new HIBIKI-IC to SATRI-IC, the amount of information on the thickness of sound and the reality have increased since the time of MK3. The standby time when the power is turned on is also as fast as 30 seconds. It equips high impedance current output. The headphone is driven by electric cunrrent that is less distortion, more precise reproduction than voltage driving.
A lot of headphones have stable frequency characteristic, such a type of headphones are driven with current output, it is possible to hear a lot of information that can not be obtained by voltage drive. 
Substitute "MK4" sticker for MK "3" on the front panel. HDA-5210mk4 was also designed for combination with Bakoon preamplifiers or D/A converters by SATRI-LINK current connection, and good combination with other manufacture's preamp or D/A converter by voltage input connection too. The gain is continuous variable until 20dB.
It is selectable SATRI-LINK( CURRENT) GAIN or VOLTAGE GAIN when it is connected SATRI-LINK(CURRENT) input. It is able to compare the sound to current connection or voltage connection. It is possible to use current output and voltage output at same timing as well. You can choose headphone output depend on your taste or headphone character.
The Bakoon headphone amp has a great bass impact, super spacious soundstage and with a good depth (though layering was a bit flat), some grain in the sound, but the best resolution out of all the amps here.
Voltage Input: RCA x1
Voltage output: Standard headphone x1
Current output: Standard headphone x1
Headphone impedance 8~600ohms
Maximum output 1200mW/100ohms
Power 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V/50, 60Hz


The feature of Bakoon products is quite fast, very dynamic, strong bass impact, very lively and extremely spacious soundstage. It is hard to compare to other manufactures. Once you listen its lively sound, it is difficult to stop listening, no tired for long run listening, cozy and listen to the music more than what you expected. HDA-5210mk3 has a great bass impact, super spacious soundstage and with a good depth, some grain in the sound, but the best resolution out of all the amps here.
I use the Bakoon HDA-5210mk3 with Fostex TH-900 and Sennheiser HD650. I prefer the current output for both. This amp comes highly recommended for TH-900 owners and I enthusiastically confirm that claim. There is more detail in the midrange and a cleaner, more detailed and textured bass with an incredible slam. It's an amazing combination and I particularly love it for hip hop and rock music. The Bakoon has an even bigger effect on the HD650. In my previous setup I thought that although it had an enjoyable warm and smooth sound, the HD650 sounded muffled. Meaning the midrange was pushed back and felt quiet, like a veil was put on it. The Bakoon completely lifts this veil by bringing it forward and improving the detail considerably. This combined with improving the well-known characteristics of HD650 (warm, enveloping bass) makes this my preferred pairing for female vocals and electronic music.
At the time of writing this I've had the pleasure of owning my Bakoon HDA-5210mk3 for a month and a half. The headphones I used while writing these thoughts are the Fostex TH-900 and the Sennhesier HD 650. My source is a Fostex HP-A8, using the SD card input. My music tastes largely fall into the buckets of R&B, hip-hop, electronic, rock, and pop. I purchased the SATRI-IC-EX standard model (the cheapest one). The TH-900 is a wonderful pairing with the HP-A8 through its headphone output (which should come to no surprise considering the two were until recently the flagships in Fostex's consumer headphone products). This system has detailed bass with lots of impact and lots of detail in the midrange (characteristics of the TH-900 I'm sure you've read about or know of). The HD 650 sounds thin in comparison and unimpressive in general connected to the HP-A8. The HDA-5210mk3 (and its brethren) has both a voltage and current output you can plug your headphones into. With the TH-900 using only the HP-A8's DAC, the voltage output is a significant upgrade with increased bass impact and more detailed midrange. The current output is... magical. It's subtle but the bass has less impact/body but has more detail and *character* that increases the PRAT of my music. I would say the TH-900's midrange has a sparkle but the Bakoon's current output brings it to an even more enjoyable level (it's hard to explain because I don't want to say it "tames" it but it improves its "quality", whatever amazing "quality" the TH-900 presents already). I don't know the technical details but the current output is its touted feature and I enjoy it much more than the voltage output. I bought the Bakoon because it's an often recommended companion to the TH-900 and I can now enthusiastically back that claim. The Bakoon took the TH-900 and increased every good quality about it. It changed the HD 650 into a completely different sound from what it was before. If you've heard the HD 650 you know it has a warm quality but a lot of people says it has a "veil". I think that word is a good description for the system I had it plugged into before. Like you enjoyed the idea of what it was trying to do but at the same time you had the nagging feeling it sounded "muffled". The Bakoon reaches into that veil and pulls the midrange front and center (from its "veil") while stretching that beautiful texture of the bass behind it into this incredibly enveloping experience.


Bakoon Products HDA-5210mk4 OUTLET Headphone amp
Amazing resolution and depth of lively sound!
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