ASTOR TO-KT66PMA Stereo Pre-main amplifier

Faithfully reproduce the original sound source

The appeal of ASTOR products is the beautiful appearance made of vacuum tubes and metalwork, the rich amount of information and the high-quality sound to faithfully reproduce the original sound source. Expertly crafted by carefully selected materials, one by one. As the internal parts of the amplifier, carefully selected parts are used in the same way as the high-end model, and the same skilled worker makes them, so it is an amplifier that reproduces music with high sound quality close to the high-end model.
The TO series chassis uses a 2mm thick anodized aluminum material, and the internal structure uses a 2mm thick 52S alloy aluminum material as a two-stage structure for component mounting to increase the vibration damping effect. The feet base are anti-vibration using a combination of aluminum block material and rubber material. It is pursuing good sound quality by using high quality products with carefully selected circuit components.
TO-KT66PMA is a stereo integrated amplifier, an ASTOR amplifier that has the necessary and sufficient power.
It features ASTOR's unique noise processing and transparent original sound reproduction like the high-end model, and has the versatility to handle any genre of musics.
Since it has a self-biasing function, you can easily swap compatible vacuum tubes and enjoy. As for the self-biasing capacitor used in ASTOR, the capacitor used by general manufacturers is 200 to 300 micro, but the capacitor of 8000 micro is used. As a result, the sound is well expressed even when the volume is turned down.
AS-KT66PMA is the perfect amp for those who want to get the best possible sound, but don't want the space and hassle. By omitting the flat amplifier part, it does not pass through an unnecessary circuit, and it is composed of a power amplifier part and a phono equalizer part with direct connection to prevent noise. The sound quality is as good as that of ASTOR's high-end amplifier series. You can enjoy clear sound without turbidity, high transparency and faithful original sound reproduction.

Tubes KT66 x4, 12AX7 x4, 12AU7 x3
Transformer PT-160/PT-300 x1, HW-40-8 x2, LC-1-400 x1
30W x 30W / UL connection、Self bias
300B: 15W X 15W / ULc onnection、Self bias
Frequency characteristic 10Hz~60kHz
Residual noise 1mmV 以下/1W
Input impedance
LINE: 100 k ohms
PHONO: 47 k ohms
Dimensions W470 x H150 x D370mm
Weight 約15kg
*Because this is a made-to-order product, it may take up to two months for delivery depending on the order status.
The output tube can be selected from KT88, KT120, 6550, 6CA7, 300B.


A natural and wide sound field is developed, with good sound separation, and supple, detailed sounds are naturally clear and expressive. It has a depth, a wide range, and a pleasant direct feeling. You can listen to analog playback with a large amount of information without blur due to the carefully constructed anti-vibration structure and excellent dark background. It is a highly complete phono input sound that expresses the attractiveness of the sound source and matches the tendency of the sound of the power amplifier section. Wide range reproduction even with CD or line input, with high freshness, high resolution and even delicate sound. The sound field has a wide spread and the bass range is reliable. There is also a three-dimensional effect, and the sound can be blown up to the peak without stress, the vocals are lively, and the volume of voice is rich and imposing. The low range has a stable thickness, so you can immerse yourself in music. You can hear a modern and attractive sound with a bright tone overall, transparent and supple, and a wide range of expressions.
ASTOR TO-KT66PMA Stereo Pre-main amplifier
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