Bakoon Products USC-1001 USB/SPDIF converter

Bakoon Products USC-1001 USB/SPDIF converter

Enjoy accurate high-resolution sound 

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Supports 192KHzFs / 24bit sampling data

USC-1001 is a USB / SPDIF digital signal converter inserted between the PC USB output and DAC. Generally, digital audio signals from a PC are output from the USB terminal. This unit has a function to convert USB digital audio signals output from a PC into SPDIF signals of linear PCM.
USC-1001 works without driver when used on Windows 10 and iOS. The USB input operates in asynchronous mode, and the PC output jitter does not affect the SPDIF output. The output is equipped with coaxial, optical and professional digital audio signal transmission standard AES / EBU balanced output. A dedicated line transmitter and ultra-high-speed pulse transformer are used for coaxial and AES / EBU output, and a 30MHz high-speed module is used for the optical output toslink.
Since it outputs a digital signal that rises and falls very fast, it is possible to get a signal with less jitter than the input signal. The output of the CD player has fine vibration linking that causes jitter at the beginning and ending, but the output of the USC-1001 has almost no linking and the rise time is short, resulting in less jitter and sound quality improvement. 
USC-1001 coaxial, optical output and AES / EBU output can be used simultaneously. If you use Bakoon's CAP-1006 digital signal selector, you can further reduce the beginning and ending time, so you can expect a further reduction in jitter.
The CAP series products have the ability to be used in high-end audio.
Input USB B type connector x1


The sampled PC sound sources are CD ripped sound sources, 96kHz and 192kHz high resolution sound sources downloaded from e-onkyo, and are pops, jazz and classics. The audition was conducted in two stages. First, the USC-1001 was played alone, and then the CAP-1006 was connected to the USC-1001 and played. As a result of the audition, even when USC-1001 alone or CAP-1006 is connected to it, the sound rises and falls well in common, and the contour of the sound is clear. And music is played very lively in a wide band from low to high range. Therefore, even if you listen to it for a long time, you do not feel tired. This was a common sound that I felt with the CAP-1006. Until now, PC playback could not produce better sound than CD playback, but with the introduction of USC-1001 and CAP-1006, it was finally improved to a level where you can enjoy not only CD ripping playback but also 96kHz and 192kHz high-resolution playback. I think that it is a recommended product for those who are not satisfied with PC playback.