Mistral High purity carbon insulator TUNDRA-IS

High purity carbon graphite of 99.9% or more

Due to the high internal loss of high-purity carbon graphite and the characteristics of low specific gravity, the vibration of the equipment is attenuated at high speed, the resolution is high, and the sound changes  excellent in spatial expression such as the depth of the sound field. A special sintering process is applied to the surface to greatly increase the surface hardness without impairing the properties of carbon graphite. By a uniform molding method that does not have directionality, it has high-density, high-strength physical properties, reduces the effects of inherent incidental sounds, and enables high-speed music playback from low to high frequencies. The design calculated by the golden ratio eliminates distortion and turbidity due to vibration and resonance, minimizes the inherent incidental sound, and firmly expresses each minute sound.
Use it in places that are effective depending on the sound quality, such as equipment legs and housing. Highly effective as a cable insulator.
Condition Mint
Accessories Package, instruction
Material High purity carbon graphite
Dimensions W54 x H30 x D54mm, Upper W33 x D33mm, Bottom W54 x D54mm
Weight 105g
Mistral High purity carbon insulator TUNDRA-IS
Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2016
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